Google Maps discovered on a desert road of man

Google Maps discovered a man on a desert roadPhoto from open sources

Virtual archaeologists, also called independent researchers searching for artifacts, anomalous phenomena and other mysterious things through modern online tools, often found using the service Google Maps very amazing pictures that are hard to explain logically.

The other day, these tireless seekers came across a photo lonely a wandering woman with a suitcase in hand along a deserted highway USA. FROM at first glance it might seem that there’s nothing special about it, all the more mentally the picture is already drawn: now the woman will raise hand and stop the passing car.

A photo from open sources

However, the conspiracy theorists saw something fantastic in this. A business that it’s not just a desert track, say, at sunset, but highway in the desert of the state of New Mexico, on which just nobody walks never walks, especially with a suitcase. Here and see a car problematic, except military equipment. Intrigued by ufologists and the fact that not far from this place (not far, of course, only by map) is the world famous city of Roswell, which became so popular thanks to the incident of 1947, when this desert crashed “flying saucer” aliens (term “flying saucer,” by the way, was invented by pilot Kenneth Arnold, calling so the UFO flying over Rainer).

Please note that the woman in a sarafan and at a fairly high heels. What is she doing in the middle of the desert? There is something in this fascinatingly mystical, experts write Google Maps. Although on in fact, everything can be much more prosaic and even funnier, yes here’s the trouble: the inexplicable always “smacks of” a great secret …

In addition, we add that the employees of this online service for some reason, recently they began to delete photographs that cause similar stir among Internet users thanks to efforts virtual archaeologists. However, to destroy all the evidence is simply not It’s possible, especially since the “mysterious pictures” themselves, like this one, quickly fly around the World Wide Web, and therefore all attempts officials to destroy them only add fuel to the fire interest in the abnormal phenomena of our lives …

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