Gorge of fear: a whole “bunch” of anomalies

Gorge of fear: wholePhotos from open sources of

Anomalous zone located in the southern spurs of the Tajik Gissar ridge, was discovered quite by accident. Being engaged in these places searching for yeti, scientists are faced with a whole range of unknown, including UFOs, teleportation, and so on.

Night thief

In September 1974 the climbing team led by instructor Igor Tatsl, spent the night in the valley of the Siam River. The next morning people saw in the snow next to the tents giant footprints of someone’s barefoot legs.

It was also discovered that things were shaken out of the backpacks, part of the products disappeared. The uninvited guest was attracted by the stew, and he tried to bite through the cans, leaving huge teeth marks on them. It is clear that such a pogrom should have been accompanied by considerable with a roar, but not one of the climbers woke up. Supervisor expedition later learned that in such cases, consciousness “disconnected” and in awake people.

Tatsl decided to find a mysterious creature and found out that it known to the local highlanders who gave him the name “odes-yavoys”, which means “wild man”.

Igor Frantsevich also learned that most often a wild person they see near the Gorge of fear (it is located higher upstream). None of the local residents in this gorge rush.

Who is throwing stones?

Having received evidence of the existence of “odes-yavai”, in the following expedition (1981). Tatsl took Oleg Rumyantsev, a psychiatrist.

On August 9, in the evening, Rumyantsev and Tatyana Neupokoeva, also a member groups, felt vague alarm and saw a silhouette in the fishing line huge snowman. The rays let him see luminous ball that the giant held in his hand.

A photo from open sources

The fact that stones often fall near the researchers, at first attributed to the actions of “odes-yavoy”: if the stones were small, it means he’s joking, and if he’s big, he’s dissatisfied with something. Sometimes, however, the stones flew from a place where there was something to hide nowhere.

In the strange way that objects began to move and sleeping bags with people, at first also blamed Bigfoot. However, the mysterious force managed to move objects in tents and then when they were closed, and also steal things from their pockets. People soared up the tent ceiling without feeling throwing their invisible hands. One person as a result of such miracles ended up on the opposite bank of Siam, the other on the high rocky top.

Real dreams

The expedition members had very interesting and unusual dreams. Many even assured that they did not sleep, and someone showed them “movie”.

It was worth flying to the tents with some luminous balls – and people began to see the same dreams. In particular, when Gissar-88 expedition, two of these balls flew into the women’s tent, which glowed brightly from the inside, but did not light up.

After completing a fantastic “visit,” women were woken up and asked if they felt anything. They replied that they saw in a big tunnel made in the mountain as well as a button a device that allows you to visit anywhere in the world that women and done, having thus been in the village mothers of one of the participants this is a strange “dream.”

UFO Visits

More than once, expeditioners saw a UFO over Siam. So, 22 August 1984, according to a journal entry, there was a glow, which was a pulsating stream of light. The binoculars were an oblong disc is visible, having a thickening in its lower part. The disk was about 30m long and up to 10m high. About half an hour he hung above the ground at a height of one and a half meters.

Not far from the UFO, observers noticed a tilted human a figure 190-195cm tall in a tight shiny overalls.

A photo from open sources

In the morning at this place two footprints were found, in shape resembling a lily. They measured 35 x 18 cm, stride length was 112cm.

The conclusion reached by scientists was this: “odes-yavoi” is a victim of aliens who control his brain. They are send it for various purposes to people. All other anomalies have the same reason – the presence of aliens in the gorge.

After 1992 research expeditions to this area stopped, scientists turned their attention to Perm triangle. After the outbreak of the civil war in Tajikistan the anomalous zone in the south of the Hissar Range was forgotten so firmly that they almost never mention her now – neither in the press, nor in The internet.

Yeti Stones

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