Grace of feelings and the magic flight of the soul

Grace of feelings and magical flight of the soulPhotos from open sources of

Any venue is suitable for a good dance couple, if only there was enough space to express my feelings and flight in grace souls.

They say that in martial arts only one who can stop his mind and surrender to the will of his higher self. In dance it’s almost the same. And because of the peaks and literally only one who knows how to soar in the soul reaches space flight clouds, while the body demonstrates on the physical plane harmony and perfection.

This is how talented American dancers dance the “Slip” dance Phillip Chbeeb and Renee Kester, and they are doing their amazing in beauty and harmony dance at the metro stop, not at all feeling embarrassed or inconvenient from such a improvised dance floor.

Of course, and selected by them (obviously, it was Philip Chbib – one of the best US choreographers in hip-hop) composition by Eliot Moss “Slip” works great in this setting – dance in waiting for the train, mental glide in space and time, the desire to stop the elusive moment of happiness. In part some regret slips, a bouquet of memories, light bitterness about the transience of feelings and hope for eternal love.

The dance turned out magically bewitching and unimaginable wonderful. When you watch it, you’ll easily “get sick” of this grace, you completely surrender to this perfection, and you yourself rise to some invisible heights, where the soul spreads its wings and … flies on the waves of pleasure and happiness.

This video on the YouTube channel was posted by someone under the nickname – pacman. Most likely, Phillip Chbeeb himself – a huge THANKS to him for this is a little miracle!


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