Grave mounds near the station Peredelkino and their devilry

Grave mounds near the station Peredelkino and their devilryA photo from open sources

Retreating from Moscow, Napoleon’s army was losing thousands of soldiers. Russians the peasants did not have time to bury them, and therefore, after major battles just stacked the bodies in stacks in shallow pits and slightly sprinkled with soil. People called such mounds adversary.

And while time is merciless to such burials, Russian Rangers recently found adversary mounds near the station Peredelkino. Moreover, these burials were in the zone the strongest anomalous phenomena, and this zone itself, according to Researchers A. Zherebyatiev, and they themselves created the graves.

Devilry and only

As local residents note, near the station Peredelkino (Kiev railway) some devilry is constantly observed. Enough mention beating from a swampy, long-abandoned undergrowth up red, like bloody, rays of light. In that undergrowth according to legend, and were the burial of the French. Some natives they recall that in childhood they climbed those mounds. But firstly, this difficult, and secondly, unsafe – a bad place …

A photo from open sources

However, Moscow researchers are among the pathologist Guria Ognev, forensic expert Evgeny Kolosov and geologist Stanislav They decided to experience the happiness of a soldier. It turned out to get to the cemeteries not very simple. Men had to cut through almost four hours a hole in a dead conifer, because of which even the sun was not visible. His researchers saw only going out into the clearing. But here is what amazing – the heavenly luminary here looked dim, as if wrapped in darkened cellophane. But the scientists were even more struck that under this sun nothing casts shadows. Absolutely none. Soon there was a strange sensation of the presence of someone nearby. A all around – terrible silence, no chirping of a grasshopper, no buzzing bees and bumblebees, no birdsong …

The electronic clock began to show some nonsense, the receiver just popped and squeaked, and the compass rotated the arrow as if she had a motor. Measurements with a special device showed that people got into a strong anomalous zone, the energy of which is not just swam, and twisted and even tied into knots.

A photo from open sources

Men hastened to leave the black spot, deciding to return here Tomorrow with equipment for opening graves. At night they watched as some fantastic shines up in the glade area spotlights, directing the blood-red rays into the sky.

Imperishable corpses of mounds

The next morning, the researchers returned to the clearing, measured it again energy – it was at the same stage of moderate abnormality. it expressed even in what men saw over the mounds peculiar mirages – reduced copies of electric trains, suburbs Moscow, herds of black horses and other devilry.

The first body, recovered from a depth of two meters, confirmed guess that this is a Napoleonic burial. But not that struck researchers. For example, pathologist Ognev was numb from wonder: the officer dug up by the men seemed to be buried only yesterday, even the eyeballs of the corpse were intact. We looked at other corpses – the same thing, one was found in the hands of Gospel – not even a page is corrupted. Just miracles some!

A photo from open sources

Doctor of Medical Sciences M.V. Riskin, who then visited three times in this clearing, said that it is very similar to the zone conceived and well described by science fiction writers – the Strugatsky brothers (“Picnic on “), and everyone who has been here – on a stalker. Zone, figuratively saying, it zombies the person who got here. She becomes for him a kind of generator, starting to control his biological for hours. Because of this terrible energy, everything happens abnormal phenomena that seem miracles to us or even damn it.

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