Graves wandering in space

Graves wandering in spacePhotos from open sources of

We are surprised by the fact that some stones can independently to move, and sometimes over fairly large distances. But as do you like wandering graves? Imagine you are coming on cemetery and do not find the grave of your relative, and then by chance you find her, say, in a completely different place.

Meanwhile, such cases have been known since ancient times. For example, in Austria in the fifteenth century in the city of Linz once a grave disappeared Stetenberg. Finding her at the other end of the graveyard, the townspeople counted the deceased sorcerer, they dug up the grave, opened the coffin and burned the corpse on bonfire.

An even more interesting case occurred in Germany in 1740, when two shepherds from Ravensburg found in the wasteland they knew like the back of your hand, the tombstone of Christina Bauer, whom never been here. As it turned out later, it was zealous Christian, and therefore she was buried with honor at the church cemetery. Now, in the place of her grave was a clean lawn, but on wastelands near the river appeared, as the opening of the grave showed, and her the coffin, and the tombstone. The priest of the local church ordered not touch the ashes of the deceased, if God wants the Bauer to rest on riverbank.

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And here is a more recent example. American farmer Joe Burnie in the end of the eighties of the last century one morning discovered in himself in the yard a tombstone (the village of Foley Creek) and called the police. The police failed to read the inscription on the stone, but the autopsy the grave showed that it contained a coffin with human bones. The remains were reburied, but no one could explain how the grave appeared in the farmer’s yard behind a high fence, and the tombstone was overgrown with grass without any trace of fresh digging.

The case in Kostroma province (Manturovsky district), when the coffin with suddenly with earth and a cross over a grave from an abandoned graveyard fantastically teleported to the headman’s hut.

A photo from open sources

To assume that such movements of graves is the work of pranksters, not necessary – too difficult, and even traces of digging and moving usually not. Moreover, there is evidence that the dead are massively got up from the graves and in front of amazed people “in formation” marched into a lake or forest, and there they disappeared without a trace. Inca priests for example, buried on the coast of the ocean, and then they are wonderful were transferred to a special basalt plateau, which was almost three kilometers from its original location burial places. The Indians believed that the Gods contributed to this.

There is also an opinion that the movement of graves is the work of sorcerers and magicians. It is no coincidence that the sect of Jaitists in the first centuries of our era considered the wandering graves damned, and medieval society The Brothers of Purity used land from similar graves in magical and healing purposes. The natives of Polynesia, for example, are watered graves with “magic juice” or draped in special red clay so that the deceased could not leave. And on the island of Tongo there is a custom to bury the deceased without fail two in one grave, because in this case, in their opinion, the soul of one person is able to hold of another.


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