Green spherical object flying over Mexico during a thunderstorm

A green spherical object flew over Mexico during a thunderstormA photo from open sources

Last Wednesday, August 22, over a Mexican city San Juan Tepic Nayarit storm broke out. One of the locals decided to capture the weather on the video and suddenly became a witness a mysterious phenomenon.

During another flash of lightning, an incomprehensible fly in the sky an object. At first it can be seen on the below 12 second recording in the form of a dark ball. Then when the horizon lit by an electric discharge, a UFO suddenly lights up green by the light.

An unidentified flying object flies through the air with a huge speed, then disappears without a trace over the city. Video creator convinced that a spaceship hit the lens of his camera representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. According to some Internet users, it could be ball lightning, some energy entity, meteorite or some kind of natural anomaly. One way or another, the unusual material turned out to be quite popular with regulars on the Web.

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