Grooms alone swam the Pacific

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Fedor Konyukhov reached the coast of Australia. He managed to cross in alone on a rowing boat the Pacific Ocean without calling at ports and outside help. Russian President Vladimir Putin sent Greetings to the Russian traveler. President of Russia Vladimir Putin sent a greeting to a Russian traveler Fedor Konyukhov, who completed a rowing boat on May 31 “Turgoyak” crossing the Pacific Ocean and reached the shores of Australia. Greetings from the head of state read out by the Russian ambassador to Australia Vladimir Morozov, who participated in a traveler’s meeting in the city of Mooloolaba (Queensland on the east coast of the mainland). Photos from open sources

“Glad to congratulate you on the successful completion of the expedition.” rowing boat across the Pacific. ”Behind this unique trek closely watched by your colleagues, scientists and experts, members of the Russian geographical society (Putin heads the board of trustees societies), marine enthusiasts from many countries, ” greetings. “Thanks to courage and perseverance, extraordinary human and professional qualities you have stood the difficult tests, subdued the water element. Today it’s safe say – the first ever single row boat trip from the coast of Chile to Australia was successful. And you continued wonderful traditions of the great Russian researchers and travelers who have made a great contribution to exploring the World the ocean. I wish you all the best and fulfillment of new plans, “- added the president. Recall that Fedor Konyukhov started on December 22 2013 from the port of Concon (Chile) at 09:15 in the morning Chilean time, overcame on a boat called “Turgoyak” over 17 thousand km and finished in the town of Mooloolaba (Queensland) at 13:13 time east coast of Australia.

As reported by the International Ocean Society of London rowers, Fedor needed 160 days for this, which is excellent result under all conditions of the campaign. According to of society, the former best achievement of crossing the Pacific on a single rowing boat in its southern half was 273 days. This result was shown by the English 52-year-old rower Jim Shekdar, launched on June 29, 2000 from the Peruvian port of Ilo. Jim also went to Australia and finished March 30, 2001 on the island of Nord Stradbroke (North Stradbroke). Konyukhov originally planned cross the Pacific in 200 days and nights. It was reported that cross the ocean, the traveler had to make 4 million strokes.

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