Guardian of the Slavic god Veles

The amulet of Veles is a powerful protective symbol that has been protecting people from various dangers for a long time, allows you to control the elements, and also helps to recognize the forces of good and evil. The star is considered the main symbol of Veles – it has six rays that unite the masculine and feminine.

In order for such a Slavic amulet to have the maximum positive impact on your life, it is important to activate it correctly and study the basic rules of wearing.

Amulet of Veles

What the print looks like

Amulet Veles is a sign that looks like the paw of a bear or wolf. The main difference between them is that the bear's footprint has five claws, and the wolf's only four.
Also, the sign of the deity is often depicted in the form of an inverted letter 'A', which means the image of the Bull.

Bear paw – meaning

The amulet in the form of a bear's paw belongs to the most powerful amulets and is the main appearance of the almighty Veles. Its owners easily achieve success in their goals, become lottery winners, or enter into financially profitable deals.

Expert opinion Ilmira Derbentseva Parapsychologist The main purpose of the mascot in the form of a bear paw is to protect the owner from any evil and failures, to repel negative energy. Over time, a person becomes much more decisive, learns to clearly formulate goals and plan to achieve them.

When traveling, the Veles symbol in the form of a bear paw helps to avoid troubles on the road and theft, and also promotes the profitable sale of any goods.

Wolf's paw – meaning

Veles' amulet in the form of a wolf's paw is intended for:

  • judges or lawyers, since it helps to become more purposeful, allows you to soberly assess the situations that have arisen;
  • the military, miners or firefighters – protects against accidents;
  • police officers – helps in the search for criminals and minimizes the risk of injury in the service;
  • family people – protects the home from envious people and ill-wishers, cleans the home of negative energy.

The wolf's paw also gives perseverance in achieving goals, improves the financial well-being of the owner, and enhances the gift of foreboding.

Amulet activation

To receive the patronage of God Veles, it is important to properly activate and charge the amulet, both purchased and self-made. The ceremony is carried out in several successive stages:

  1. Clean the product from extraneous energy. For this, the seal is placed in a glass of water with a pinch of salt. Also, the amulet can be placed in holy water.
  2. At the end of the day, the liquid is drained under the roots of the tree.
  3. Before you start wearing the amulet, it is recommended, being alone, to ask him in your own words for what you sincerely desire.

It is best to activate the paw in the evening in a coniferous forest or on a Veles holiday. Charging the talisman is considered successful if you were able to sense the presence of the deity next to you.

Who is the amulet for?

The seal of Veles in the form of a bear or wolf's paw can be worn by anyone who needs the protection and patronage of this deity. The action of the amulet is modified depending on the age and gender of the owner:

  • he helps children learn to compare their desires with real possibilities and find the best way out of the existing life situations;
  • the adult symbol of God Veles will protect from the evil eye and bad intentions of the people around;
  • in men, this amulet hides weaknesses from prying eyes, expands consciousness and helps to achieve the intended goals;
  • for the fairer sex with a soft character, this sign will help them learn to make important decisions, however, long-term continuous wearing can lead to a change in the fate of a woman

Magicians use the Slavic amulet of the god Veles in carrying out rituals to enhance their supernatural capabilities. Sorcerers who want to obtain the power for black magic with the help of Veles will be punished in the form of deprivation of the existing gift.

Rules for wearing an amulet

The talisman should be worn around the neck, threading it on a silver chain or leather cord. It is advisable to hide the amulet from prying eyes under clothing. Often, the image of a wolf's paw is applied to pendants, earrings, signet rings or belt badges. It is also allowed to embroider the amulet on the hem of any clothing, scarves or mittens.

It is not recommended to wear the sign of Veles people prone to alcohol or drug addiction, since the power of the amulet can turn against its owner, attract diseases and misfortunes into his life.

Velesa tattoos

The value of the tattoo of the amulet of Veles is that its owner respects his family, protects nature, loves animals and will not give offense to any of them. Tattoo has several definitions:

  • material well-being;
  • wisdom and greatness;
  • strength of character;
  • cunning.

You can fill the symbolism on any part of the body, the most popular are the shoulder, chest, wrist or leg. A woman who has filled the Veles sign is often in search of her soul mate and is afraid to make the wrong choice.

Preserved with my own hands

An amulet made with your own hands works better than a purchased one – it is quickly saturated with the owner's energy and it is easier to create a connection with it. You can make such a guardian of the Slavs yourself in several ways:

  • print the image, pour wax on it and use it as a protective amulet at home;
  • cast symbols on silver;
  • apply a pattern to a piece of wood made of oak, ash or pine.

According to religious beliefs, you should not make a protective amulet for another person – thus, you can give him your luck. Veles will protect you from the evil eye, attract good luck and wealth, and reveal talents. It is important to remember that the talisman helps only people with pure thoughts and those who sincerely believe in its power.

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