Half-soaring stone above the ground

Half-soaring stone above the earthPhotos from open sources This stone, which is the brightest attraction the small Indian city of Mahabalipuram is also called the falling or levitating, because he, as they say, balances on the verge of the possible. By all laws of physics, such a huge boulder should long slide down or at least lie down on the ground more naturally.

But the stone continues to soar in the air, holding onto some mystical point, and this has been going on since time immemorial. Moreover, they tried to drop it many times, however, without using technology – nothing works: it feels like he’s thorough lies on the surface of the earth.

Mahabalipuram – a city with a rich history, in it and now there are ancient buildings, for example, the Pancha Rata temple with giant stone reliefs of scenes of repentance of Arjuna surrounded Ganges descended from heaven, as well as the unique rock temple of Varaha. IN the beginning of this century, in the vicinity of this settlement, archaeologists discovered the ruins of even more ancient buildings that allowed scientists even make a fantastic assumption that these are ruins the legendary Atlantis.

Like it or not, but the excavations themselves are consistent with the legend, which the locals keep, about the greatest city of seven temples, so beautiful that the gods considered them not worthy of miserable people and therefore sent a flood to the city, which destroyed him and all this beauty.

Here is this amazing levitating boulder, established as times in the vicinity of Mahabalipuram, like a reminder of some fantastic times of the area, when here, perhaps, there were demigods who could not only build beautiful temples on envy of the gods, but also control gravity, which is why the stone is still half soars in the air, not wanting to obey the laws customary for us physics.


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