Hand of Fatima or Hamsa amulet: meaning in different religions, to whom and why to wear

Hamsa or the hand of Fatima is an unusual talisman symbolizing the sincerity of feelings, opposition to evil, courageous and persistent character. It protects from the evil eye and damage, looks like a palm with a special anatomical shape: instead of the little finger, there is the second thumb.

Often, an amulet, created from a variety of materials, is complemented by inscriptions and images that enhance the protective power.

hand of fatima meaning

Hamsa in various religions

Hamsa or the hand of Fatima is universal, belongs to different religions. And each has its own symbol meaning:

  1. Judaism. Jews consider fingers to be a reflection of five human senses, through which the world is cognized. And also there is a connection with the sacred book – Torah, which consists of five volumes. The Jews call the symbol the Hand of Miriam, the sister of Moses. According to the followers of Judaism, the universality of the amulet hand of Fatima emphasizes the common origin of all religions, calls for the need for peaceful coexistence of peoples, means hope for a peaceful life.
  2. Hinduism. For the Hindus, the five does not mean protection, but the attraction of luck. It is worn for the successful completion of the business started.
  3. Christianity. In ancient written and pictorial sources, the Right Hand of God is mentioned – a strong amulet, outwardly similar to Hamsa. He helps to find a goal, to understand his purpose. In Christianity, it is intended for spiritually weakened and confused people in life. In Orthodoxy, it is believed that the Right Hand of God, floating out of the clouds, protects travelers, helps them to return home safely.
  4. Islam. Followers of the youngest religion call the protective image the Hand of Fatima. Such an image is a reflection of the virtues at the heart of Islam: mercy, faith, moderation, prayer, pilgrimage. There is a beautiful legend revealing the origin of the symbol. The daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, Fatima, loved her husband Ali immensely. One day the husband brought a woman into the house and called her his second wife. Fatima learned this news while preparing dinner. The spoon fell out of her hand, but the stunned woman continued to stir the hot food with her hand. Seeing this, Ali gave up his intention to marry a second time.
  5. Pagans of ancient Phenicia. Their Hamsa was a symbolic image of the goddess of fertility Tanit.
  6. Ancient Egyptians. The symbol was called Palm Hamesh. It was believed that he protects from unkind looks and black magical effects.
  7. North American Indians. According to their beliefs, the image of the palm of Fatima's hand, applied to the body, revealed intuition. Therefore, the tattoo was worn mainly by shamans.

hamsa amulet meaning

The meaning of the amulet Hand of Fatima

The guardian hand of Fatima has powerful positive energy, protects against various negative influences:

  1. Protects from damage and evil eye. For this purpose, it is advisable to wear a blue amulet with an eye depicted in the middle. The eye reflects a negative message to the ill-wisher.
  2. Helps to deal with a difficult and confusing situation, find a way out, choose a successful direction in the implementation of plans.
  3. Contributes to the achievement of success in any project.
  4. It helps to quickly overcome the black streak that has come in life. Clears the path of life from obstacles and ill-wishers.
  5. Strengthens the marriage union, makes marital relations open, honest, noble. For this purpose, a paired talisman is created or bought – for both spouses.
  6. In Turkey, it is believed that the talisman of the hand of Fatima is intended for women. Makes them happy in family life, successful in all matters.
  7. In combination with a red thread wrapped twice around the wrist, it is recommended for pregnant women. Supports health during a difficult period of bearing a child.
  8. In combination with the image of a fish, it attracts good luck, ensures family well-being, and endows the owner with worldly wisdom.
  9. The talisman of red color protects against diseases.
  10. The hand of Fatima, in combination with the Star of David, protects the home from negative energy from the outside. This is the image used by the Jews. They also often engrave prayers and protective inscriptions in Hebrew on the amulet.

Who is the Hamsa amulet for?

The Hamsa amulet is suitable for people of any gender and age, belonging to all nationalities and religions. It is recommended to buy Hamsa for people:

  • feeling insecure, unable or afraid to take fate into their own hands;
  • refusing to take responsibility, getting lost in unexpected situations;
  • those wishing to enter into a happy marital relationship, to strengthen the marriage union;
  • those who work in a field where they constantly have to take risks, make difficult choices, think about every decision they make (the amulet keeps them in good shape, does not let them give up and relax);
  • motorists for protection from accidents (it is recommended to hang the amulet in the cabin or attach it to the keys in the form of a keychain);
  • travelers for a successful and easy journey, a safe return home;
  • women to strengthen family relationships and develop positive female qualities (a tattoo or an image applied to the body with henna is especially effective);
  • small children to protect themselves from unkind looks (children's energy is weaker than an adult's, so children often become victims of the evil eye).

Hamsa amulet helps when worn near the body. It is useless if it just lies at home. An exception is the use of a symbol specifically to protect a home or vehicle. In the interior, a protective image can become a decorating element of carpets and walls.

Christians should take into account that hamsa belongs to those amulets that cannot be worn simultaneously with a cross. It is unacceptable to connect both products on the same chain. In this case, the symbols overlap each other, their action is suppressed. The cross must be worn separately.

hamsa amulet tattoo meaning

Hamsa tattoo

As a tattoo, Hamsa is gaining more and more popularity. Moreover, the effectiveness of the amulet is the same in any form. The image of Fatima's hand on the body protects as reliably as metal, glass or wood jewelry.

The tattoo is versatile, suitable for women and men. However, it is more popular with the fair sex, as it has an elegant appearance.

It is advisable to apply a tattoo on the area of ​​the body closer to the heart: on the scapula, back of the head, neck. Hamsa looks good on the wrist. It is preferable to use blue or red colors: these colors enhance the protective effect of the image. Also, to enhance protection, the drawing is complemented with an eye, the Star of David, magical inscriptions and patterns, prayers.

Do not change the standard image: use flashy colors, add or remove fingers. The changed symbol is no longer valid. Do not make the image too large. It is better if it is hidden under clothing from prying eyes.

Women who wear tattoos become more tolerant, stronger in spirit. Men gain strong intuition.

If there is no desire to spoil the skin of the tattoo, then you can use a temporary version of body decoration – mehendi. This is a washable pattern applied with henna, a natural dye. Such an image not only looks beautiful and original, but also has a magical effect.

How to activate the amulet hand of Fatima

Any amulet requires activation, otherwise it will be a simple decoration that does not carry magical power. During the activation process, the product not only enhances the protective energy, but also clears the accumulated negative.

The most effective ritual is carried out through the influence of the four natural elements. To conduct it, you need to use:

  • a glass of water (water element);
  • salt or a handful of earth (earth element);
  • a lighted candle or aroma lamp (fire element);
  • smoke from a candle or aroma lamp (air element).

The person performing the ceremony is locked in a quiet and calm room. At the first stage, you need to hold the product in a clenched palm, feel its energy. Next, you need to bring the Hamsa in turn to each object symbolizing the element. After the ceremony, one should mentally thank all the elements for their help.

Similarly, the talisman is cleansed of negativity. For cleansing, you can dip the product in saline for a couple of hours.

Hamsa is a strong protective image. He changes the character of the owner, makes him more patient, persistent, confident. It attracts not only spiritual, but also material well-being, helps to become more successful and happier.

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