He returned from the next world 70 minutes after his of death

The man stayed an hour and ten minutes officially dead before than doctors could miraculously restart his heart. At of this he is now completely healthy, contrary to the fears of doctors who predicted extensive brain damage.

28-year-old David Jar was brought back to life 70 minutes after heart failure at his home in Houghton-le-Spring, Sunderland. IN a desperate attempt to bring him back to life, girlfriend Lynette Crozier immediately began cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), which, as doctors say, and saved his life.

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The ambulance and then the hospital staff continued resuscitation and used the defibrillator 16 times before his heart again clogged up. The family set up that the man will be damaged brain, however, with his recovery, David surprised doctors and pleased relatives. He is currently discharged from the hospital and continues treatment at home. The incident with the father of two children, similar to the case of football player Fabrice Muamba who crashed during English Premier League match last year. 22 year old Lynette, David’s girlfriend, said: “David was sleeping next to me, I woke up from the fact that he began to suffocate and did not answer. I started shake it. When he stopped breathing and his heart was no longer beating, I called an ambulance. Waiting for the doctors, I started doing CPR and Indirect cardiac massage. It lasted about three minutes, but it was looks like an eternity. Our little girl screamed and called your dad. I thought we lost him. “After the attack in March David spent five days on mechanical ventilation intensive care unit and then another 11 days under supervision doctors. His family, including the two little daughters of Georgia and Ella, said to prepare for the worst, since it was very likely that David will be damaged left brain. But the former builder struck the doctors with his recovery. Lynette said: “They they said that even if David wakes up, he will have brain damage, but they were at a loss to say how they will be large-scale because his heart did not work very long time”.

A photo from open sources

Despite many tests, the doctors were not able to figure out what caused cardiac arrest. “I just went to sleep at night on Saturday, and after that woke up already in the hospital. I did not believe when the doctors told me that I had a heart attack. When I was examined by doctors, they did not find any serious health problems that could cause an attack, “- tells David. Head of the cardiology department in the hospital, where David lay, stated that a quick start to CPR is the key to survival. Cardiologist believes Lynette saved David’s life: “If if she hadn’t started CPR, David would probably not have lived. ” doctors evaluated the chances of survival 20 minutes after stopping hearts are very low, but last year during research was information has been obtained that indicates survival increases after the 20th minute. Dr. Purcell added: “In this the case helped that this man was young, healthy. Good survival in such situations is still observed in children. Many little children can survive it. “Time is Life

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