Heavenly glow over Taganrog

Heavenly glow over TaganrogPhotos from open sources of

And although locals say something like this here occurs periodically, this heavenly glow was removed first. And this time they saw him and took off several witnesses.

The author of the picture that we offer you, Lara Zolushkina claims that all this seemed to her not just fascinatingly beautiful, but also terribly mysterious. From this glow it was impossible to tear my eyes away, it seemed to attract, frightening and carrying along at the same time. There was clearly some kind of mysterious, unearthly power.

No one has yet given a reasonable explanation for this ray, although there are a lot of assumptions, starting from the most commonplace (spotlight someone sent to the sky), before admitting that they could have done this only aliens. The beam came from those places near Taganrog there are only desert fields, there can be no spotlight about and speech.

Some Internet users have suggested that aliens hunt for animals again. This is the time of day for them suitable for abducting experimental animals using such a beam they not only search, but paralyze the victim and then take her to your aircraft.

A photo from open sources

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