“Himalayas: a place where time freezes”

Speaking of time, we often use the words – runs, flies, rushing. Indeed, in today’s world, time seems to be accelerating. There was no such race before: there was time for both work and household chores, and entertainment, but now … It seems the globe accelerated the pace of rotation. Everyone is in a hurry, trying to do as much as possible more. And often do not have time. "Himalayas: a place where time freezes"Photos from open sources The town of Macleo Ganj is located at foot of the Himalayas. But there are places on our planet where time moves very slowly, almost freezes in place. One of I discovered such anomalous zones this spring in the Himalayas. IN the city of the Dalai Lama In the early morning our bus arrived at the picturesque the town of Macleod-Ganj (its second name is Upper Dharamsala), located at the foot of the Himalayan mountains in northern India. From the first minutes Macleod struck me with calm, silence and some detachment from the bustling world. The snow-capped peaks of the mountains merging with the sky, centuries-old pines and cedars, flowering trees, the verdant valleys of the Macleod-Ganj creation valley is known in India as a center Tibetan Buddhism, in which monks founded monasteries, temples and schools. Here is the residence of the spiritual and political leader Tibetan people – Dalai Lama XIV. Around the temple – with a mantra Around nine in the morning I left the hotel, looking forward to meeting with the locals sights. The path began with a ritual tour around the hill on which the Dalai Lama’s residence is located. Out of habit it it was not easy: had to overcome steep climbs, climb along rocky trails. And the locals easily do this exercise daily. The purest mountain air, drunk with the smell of forests, quickly regained my strength and energized – as if there wasn’t a sleepless night and a tiring twelve-hour bus ride. Together with other pilgrims, I admired the landscape and spun prayer drums – tightly folded scrolls with mantras. Hardened one of them: Om Mani Padme Hum. She continued to sound in me and while exploring a Buddhist monastery and a winter residence Dalai Lama. Later, after wandering through the streets of Macleod, I bought from a Tibetan grandmother had a yak wool scarf and immediately wrapped herself in it: after the 35 degree heat in Delhi it was very cool here. Nearly all tourists chilly wrapped themselves in the same scarves. Fortified pineapple juice, I went on foot to the neighboring village of Bugsu. There I visited two very beautiful Hindu temples, in one of them even received a blessing and a red thread that she wound on wrist. I must say that in the Himalayas peacefully coexist different religious traditions and cultures. Then I went to the side of the waterfall, however, admired them from afar. Day has passed fruitfully. Looking at the watch, I experienced the first shock: it was just five past eleven! It turns out, from the time I left things at the hotel and went out into the city, only two hours passed. Be I’m at home, such a trip would take all day. “Long” noodles with vegetables I soon received a second confirmation of the unusual the passage of time. While in Bugs, I’m at exactly eleven thirty I went to a cafe to have a snack. There were few people in it. Totally agree the next table are two women dressed in saris, and the man. From the menu I chose a vegetarian dish – noodles with vegetables, ginger tea – and began to wait. Because of the partition where it was located the kitchen, the smell of hot oil and fragrant spices came. Through some time they brought my neighbors an order – a stack of fried tortillas, rice and a bowl with sauce. I continued to wait patiently convincing yourself that it’s good when the food is prepared with you, not using old convenience foods. My neighbors finished the meal and left. “Now they will serve me, ”I thought, and then I saw that the cook had left his kitchenette and headed down the street. Turned out he went buy honey and ginger, ordered by me for tea. Returning, the cook became leisurely chop the vegetables. And finally, they brought my dish. The portion was huge, it took a long time to eat, but I’m not going anywhere in a hurry. Leaving the cafe, she glanced at her watch again: a quarter to noon. Just something! .. There were no more doubts: with the Himalayan Something was going wrong with time. Perhaps there are other physical laws? I learned from other travelers that they are all changed their usual mode here. Inveterate owls, for example, turned into larks. Yes, and I myself began to wake up exactly at five! And every time, feeling suspiciously fresh and rested, she thought that she overslept the service in the monastery, which started around seven. Surprised by my early awakening, I went to make a ritual tour of the monastery, enjoying healing air and magnificent landscapes, and then went into monastery, listened to Tibetan chants and meditated. Miracles in mountains of the Himalayas from time immemorial are considered the most mysterious place on the planet. Ancient legends tell that here, high in mountains, is the mysterious Shambhala – a country where the gods and teachers of humanity, mahatmas. They also noticed more than once the appearance of UFOs and recorded many inexplicable phenomena. Some researchers believe that in the Himalayas there is an underground alien base. If so, then it is possible that the reason time anomalies are strong electromagnetic fields. In his the famous theory of relativity Albert Einstein admitted: under the influence of powerful gravitational forces slows down time and curvature of space, which, incidentally, makes travel possible into the past and future. Maybe in the Himalayan mountains there is portal that opens to initiates access to other worlds? .. Reasonable energy On the other hand, maybe everything is simpler – time in these mountains adapts to the human rhythm of a person? If we are in a hurry it accelerates, and vice versa. Everything disposes to philosophy here, alienation from fuss, minor problems. Being in such places, people involuntarily become yogis and sages. Hindus and Buddhists believe in reincarnation – numerous reincarnations of the soul. In the sacred the scripture of the East “Bhagavad-gita” says: “As a person, taking off old clothes, puts on new ones, and the soul enters new material bodies, leaving old and worthless. “All this creates the feeling that we are out of time. Why rush when there are so many endless births ahead? Some scholars suggest that time is a rational energy with which one can and need to collaborate. Learning to communicate with time, we will comprehend the secrets of moving in it, we will change its speed or turn back. This is the main reason why people often come here world celebrities. Once here, they expect to get into another dimension and be renewed not only by the soul, but also by the body. To physicists there are still many discoveries in the study of time. But we can learn to interact with him right now. Tina Spasskaya. “Secrets of the twentieth century.”

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