Holy Lake puzzled vacationer amazing anomaly

The Holy Lake puzzled the vacationer with an amazing anomalyA photo from open sources Holy Lake, also called thanks Krugly, located near the Russian city Bryansk between the junction of Trusna and the railway station Rzhanitsa. The depth of the reservoir reaches eighteen meters, and its diameter surface is about three hundred meters.

Recently, businessman Vladimir Chesalin from Zhukovka succeeded observe on the lake an amazing anomaly that a man does not He decided to shoot his cell phone on camera. On smooth and the calm surface of the reservoir suddenly appeared stripes that began to move along the lake. The impression was that water foams or even glows from somewhere inside.

According to Vladimir, there was no wind that day in mention. The mysterious strip of ripples moved from the far shore (with angle of the observer) to the neighbor, gradually dispersing. Eyewitness suggested that the phenomenon is caused by underground sources that for some unknown reason, they changed their direction. However, the exact Chesalin could not explain what was happening. “The whole lake has smooth surface, and this spot is somehow different. There is water it’s like boiling, changing shape, moving, ”- says Puzzled by what they saw.

Despite the fact that Vladimir tried to find what happened logical explanation, it can hardly be called a materialist. The man claims that the Holy Lake is an abnormal place. TO For example, this summer a group of tourists observed a high water a pillar that rose above the surface of the lake and lasted about minutes, just as without a trace then disappearing. Unfortunately, take off on video this moment no one had time.

According to the businessman, the church that stood on the lake many years ago. She, by the way, gave the pond a name, most commonly used among the people. This church is associated with numerous legends.

One of the local fishermen, commenting on the video, said that nothing unusual is captured on it. An avid angler sure that it is a usual ripple arising due to temperature changes. “Such a phenomenon is very often observed on water in the fall, when air temperature is less than that of water, “he said, however, water column declined to comment. Vladimir himself, for sure I’m sure I saw a mysterious glow under water.

Some ufologists, he laughs, would probably suggest that in the lake is the base of a certain interplanetary alien ship.


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