Honduras look forward to Fish Day

Honduras look forward to Fish DayPhotos from open sources of

True, this day is not associated with fishing, but natural an anomaly, and it is characteristic not for the whole country, but only for small town in Honduras – Yoro.

The fact is that in May-June the inhabitants of this city expects peculiar “manna from heaven”, because the fish falls directly from the sky to this settlement. It happens like this: one day of this a kind of “fish season” a strong wind rises, runs thunderstorm and heavy rain begins. After him all the streets covered with a decent layer of fish. It remains only to go out and collect as much as can be recycled so that and feast on the fish, and prepare it for the future.

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Moreover, this happens every year, starting at the end of the nineteenth century. At least that’s what oral rumor says, since written evidence of when God sent the inhabitants of Yoro this “manna from heaven,” no. And here’s what’s interesting: even old-timers don’t remember that Fish Rain Day here at least sometime happened, it’s another matter that he “swims” within May-June, and guessing his coming is almost impossible.

How scientists explain fish day

Certainly, fish rain has long interested scientists, however the first studies of this natural phenomenon were carried out only in 1970 by a team from National Geographic, which specifically came to this chosen city of God and lived here more months before waiting for a fantastic Fish Day.

What struck the researchers, all the fish that supposedly brought a thunderstorm turned out to be blind. From this, scientists made the assumption that the fish does not fall from the sky, but is washed out by plentiful storm flows from underground rivers. That is, practically the fish rises to the surface, that’s just why she does it here, and nowhere else – remained a mystery. For a clearer picture, scientists wrote in in your report, you must carefully examine the underground water arteries, which, in general, does not make much sense.

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The local population has remained quite such conclusions and especially by the fact that since then no one is bothering them or trying to unravel this a riddle of nature. They are sure that nothing needs to be done, because any actions of scientists can lead to only one thing: something is broken, and God will rob them of this wonderful Fish Day, which they are already looking forward to today. After all, before the beginning of May less than a week left. And nothing that a thunderstorm with fish can come only at the end of June, however, there were years when she looked in Yoro and in early May …

By the way, since 1998 there has been a festival dedicated to the Day fish rain – “Festival de la Lluvia de Peces”, so it’s organizers their concerns, their plans and their expectations. There are in yoro and clairvoyants who supposedly can accurately name the date when the long-awaited thunderstorm will pass and the earth will be covered with sacred fish. But as but they cannot be …

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