Hordes of birds again attacked the abnormal crossroads in america

Hordes of birds again attacked an abnormal crossroads in AmericaA photo from open sources

Few people know that in the American city of Mesquite on northeast Texas there is an abnormal crossroads that attracts thousands of black birds every year. Every year in the first February, to this place, as if by magic, countless feathered raiders rush. They are loud shouting, circling over the road, sticking trees and pillars, beating about cars. Birds interfere with the movement of vehicles, and passers-by even risk being left without eyes.

Neither the people of official science, nor the supernatural researchers phenomena, not famous psychics are not able to explain why the usual seemingly crossroads on one of the central Mesquite attracts hordes of birds like a magnet necessarily in early February. Maybe here at this time of year Does a certain attractive energy appear for birds? Or is it about the peculiar ritual of black flyers? By including the following video recording, you can see this fantastic invasion of birds to Mesquite this year.


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