House in the Tatar cemetery

In the urban village of Sorochinsk, in the Orenburg region, my parents moved in 1956 from the gassed Orsk to to clean your health with clean air and rustic food father of the war veteran. But it was if not a mistake, then definitely a big one stupid thing!


Fathers immediately began to be called up for military training in N-sky military camps as a stock sergeant. And that area as soon it turned out from an environmental point of view was completely unsuitable for veterans with shot lungs. Here in the 1960s the first Soviet atomic bomb was tested! Parents immediately started building their own home.

House in the Tatar cemeteryA photo from open sources

As a cheap material for steel construction use clay that was mined by shovels right there in the courtyard dugout dugouts in which we made temporary housing. For Special adobe bricks were molded of this from clay. It is such large home-made blocks of clay, straw and water. Made them by means of a wooden mold by hand and “baked” in the sun.

Since a solution for the production of such blocks was required a lot, my father rented a couple of horses somewhere. Horses should have walk in an excavated circle of clay, where they poured water and threw (for a bunch of clay mass) straw. But then it began weirdness!

Firstly, water, as soon as we managed to fill it, somewhere quickly disappeared. And secondly, suddenly there were problems with horses. Konyagi just did not want to go into a circle with clay. They rushed away snoring, foam appeared on the face, tearing the reins and loudly, desperately neighing. The eyes of the animals just filled with blood! Father tried drive them with a whip, and with the help of “gingerbread”, but everything was in vain!

Then an old local man came up: “Don’t torture the cattle, master! Yes and do not suffer yourself and do not engage in nonsense! This is not a good sign! Must “horses feel bad!”

A photo from open sources

Parents did not believe him, but they gave the horses back, and the subsequent batches were done by my mother, though my brother sometimes to her helped. Father and I just brought water from the well, and also tossed straw. Somehow, choosing another batch of clay, parents left with us in another village to visit. And when closer to in the evening we returned, we were simply horrified …

Local teenagers, having excavated the bottom of a clay solution pit, took out and put human skulls on sticks. The old man was right. It turned out that under our future home was the old Tatar cemetery.


With sin in half, the house was still built by us. But there wasn’t near water and electricity has not yet been supplied. And here under the roof new problems began to arise. Was approaching Muslim holiday Bishkunak (means cooling), but father Still, it was at the end of May that our three goats, which were lurking, were tonsured from the heat, and sent them to the herd.

According to legend, in ancient times, five Muslim brothers from Bashkirs came back from guests easily dressed. The road ran along steppes. Suddenly the strongest snowstorm began, and travelers, lost their way, and remained in the steppe, freezing from the cold! After that incident, the nomads went to sleep no earlier holiday, when the danger of cold weather was no longer foreseen.

But my parent did not attach importance to this superstition. As a result, our completely “stripped” cattle, caught by an unexpected squall blown with rain and snow in the steppe, perished from the cold. Family where from one father was working, left completely without milk and meat.


The troubles in the built house continued to happen. right with frightening regularity. Somehow right after the strong May thunderstorms mother went into the yard to remove the hanging on a rack for drying clothes forgotten father’s shirt. She is, of course, great got wet after the last shower. It was necessary to overcome it, and then to dry.

Soon I heard screams in the yard. It turned out that barely a mother took hold of the shirt, how it … electric shock!

Together with my father, we examined the scene and found the reason troubles. It turned out that instead of the usual clothesline, father, like many locals used thick aluminum wire, in which formed after the thunderstorm static electricity. It’s good that my mother suffered slightly.

Troubles for troubles

There was no get higher education in the village opportunities, so our family decided to sell this house and return back to the city of Orsk, where numerous relatives.

For some time we supported with our former neighbors correspondence. About a year later, we learned that our former house in Sorochinsk unexpectedly burned out in a fire. Presumably the fault served as a short circuit, or maybe an accidental blow lightning bolts!

Alas, not only the fate of this house was unenviable, but also ours own life. Back in childhood, swimming in the neighboring pool, my brother brought some kind of infection, as a result he lost his sight. Later married early and unsuccessfully and soon divorced. And contacting the bad company, stole hens from a poultry farm and earned term.

By this time, my mother’s brother, and my uncle, unexpectedly left his first family and married another woman, Tatar nationality. By mystical coincidence, and my brother, returning from the colony, also married with a Tatar. Relatives, I remember, then everyone was surprised at this circumstance and a little teased! Mom, from the stresses associated with my little brother, began to suffer from foot disease – she got it when she knead clay in ice water during the construction of the unfortunate village house. Soon mom died. And father lived until almost 85 years.

After the death of my father, by pure chance I learned about a secret that my parents hid me. It turned out that my mother and father are not relatives me, but only the reception. We didn’t leave for Sorochinsk for the sake of climate change or something else, but to be away from prying eyes and excessive questioning of relatives and friends!

Wanting to quickly find the traces of my biological mother, I became actively ask maternal relatives. It became mine fatal mistake! Relatives quickly remembered that I was not their own. And soon I received unpleasant news. I did not have time to come with South Urals to his Kaliningrad, where he settled down as my brother and the uncle with whom I still sat together at the holiday table yesterday, suddenly sued me for the purpose of depriving a share of the inheritance.

So our house, built on other people’s bones, continued to annoy and spoil our lives. I did not begin to conflict with my former relatives ….

I thought for a long time about everything that happened. In the end, I realized: desecration, albeit not intentional, of Muslim graves and spawned a chain of those mystical phenomena and troubles about which I told. It is possible this could have been avoided if parents then listened to the old man’s voice and did not build a house on other people’s bones!

Yuri KUKHLIVSKY, Kaliningrad

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