How a mailbox revived a desert Isle

How a mailbox revived a desert islandA photo from open sources

It would seem, why on a desert island a mailbox? But on such a reserved Bird Island (North Carolina) once a primitive lonely mailbox appeared. Moreover, with the inscription – “Soul mate”.

It was installed in 1980 by Frank Nesmith. And this despite the fact that only birds flew to the wild island, and the local birds and animals hardly needed such an attribute of civilization. But the box was installed, and even put a notebook in it.

Strange as it may seem, but on Bird Island since people began to visit, more and more often. Hard assume that they are attracted here by the mailbox, and they go just to leave an autograph in his notebook. But go, and leave, and read the records of other such travelers with soul mates. The lonely inbox thus became The main attraction of Bird Island.

Frank himself admitted to reporters that he put this box rather because of mischief, completely not hoping that he once and someone will attract to this deserted wild island. But mysterious ways Lord …

A photo from open sources

The islands

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