How a man moved to another reality and miraculously came back

How a man moved to another reality and miraculously came backA photo from open sources

Someone Chen Len, living, say, in China (the man didn’t want to divulge neither your real name, nor the place where all this is happened), a few months ago I was distorted reality.

This happened when Chen walked to his guitar friend. Both were members of a musical group for which Chen Len wrote songs. is he and that day brought his new musical compositions to show to friends. So, the man walked along the street where he had walked for a thousand time…

Moving to another world

Oddities began at the moment when on the sidewalk along which he walked, there were two women carrying baby strollers. Chen initially mistook them for ordinary people, but it cost them equal, as the man realized: something is wrong here. Both women were blond, very short hair of the same length, but most importantly – their faces remained completely empty, they were not reflected in any thoughts and emotions.

In one stroller a baby cried loudly, but it seemed that he wasn’t have heard. Women walked in silence, their faces completely detached, and steps – as symmetrical as if robots were walking.

A photo from open sources

Then the situation became terrifying at all. Everything around Chen is like stopped in time – people, cars – and lost its paints. The world has turned black and white. But before this happened, the man looked at the phone, about to call his guitar friend. The phone showed the time – 12 hours 32 minutes.

Chen’s condition after such a “move” is difficult to describe. Yet a second ago, cars rushed past him on the road, and now they stood frozen in place. One car generally hung in the air barely looking up from the road – apparently, at a fatal moment she was “in a jump.”

Shocked by what was happening, Chen wanted to take pictures of his surroundings. picture on the video, but his smartphone was discharged and not worked. But before leaving the house, the device was charged at 100 percent and could not “run out of steam” in just five minutes.

A photo from open sources

Thinking of this, Chen crossed the street, however, on the other side of it. everything was just as frozen. The man threw his face to the sky – clouds were absolutely motionless …

Return to our reality

Suddenly, Chen felt an irresistible urge to return to strange ladies with strollers and touch the arms of one of them. To explain this impulse he could not; it seemed like someone was commanding him feelings and body. Obediently returning to the other side of the street, Chen touched the hand of a frozen blonde woman. And she is right there pushed him away, exclaiming: “What are you doing, your mother?”

At that moment, everything around was again the same. Chen heard a cry baby in a stroller and familiar street sounds, the world has found its colors and revived, moved. While a man came to, women with prams left or simply disappeared, because it happened somehow really fast. Pulling out his smartphone, Chen looked at the time: still 12.32. However, the man had no doubt that he had stayed in another dimension is not less than five, or even ten minutes. With phone everything was in order, he worked and showed one hundred percent charging.

A photo from open sources

Another interesting detail: the hand of the woman Chen had touched It was very cold – not cool, but literally icy.

A man still cannot explain everything that happened to him, although a few have passed since his incredible adventure months. He only assumes that women with wheelchairs were on actually alien robots that somehow managed “push” Chen into another, some kind of distorted reality. He simply does not find any other explanation. But why are they did it, and how a man violated their plans is a big mystery. Maybe a higher power came to help Chen, because in his heart he a believing man? .. And after everything that happened, his faith strengthened even more.

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