How a U.S. submarine ended up in a loop time

How a US submarine ended up in a time loopPhoto from open sources

Bermuda Triangle of the Sargasso Sea, this water section Atlantic Ocean remains a mystery throughout history shipping (take into account the loss of aircraft over it has not yet will). Yes, and we tell only one incredible story related with this damn place on our planet (and there are hundreds of such stories, if not more). But this one to some extent explains the loss here ships, submarines (and aircraft too).

In 1993, quite a bit happened in the Bermuda Triangle a strange event, which was then written a little about The American News Journal. U.S. Navy submarine just in the Sargasso Sea, carried the usual service, being in that moment at a depth of 65 meters. When she disappeared how often ships and other vehicles disappear in Bermuda the triangle. Most often disappear without a trace.

But this time something else happened. US submarine through for some time it made itself felt, but here’s what is surprising: she was already five and a half thousand kilometers from the former basing points, i.e. in the Indian Ocean not far from East coast of Africa. Here is what I wrote in the report (from the secret Pentagon document) about what happened the captain of the submarine:

Suddenly, our boat began to vibrate violently, and experts were not able to cause this strange state install. Yes, and it lasted no more than a minute, and then everything was quiet. And here, according to the instruments, it turned out that we are already not in the Sargasso Sea, but about a hundred and fifty kilometers from Africa to the Indian Ocean. I immediately got in touch with the radio command and asked permission to call in Kuwait (nearest port in this district). It turns out that in a minute we overcame more than three thousand miles. This is just unbelievable!

A photo from open sources

But this did not end there. The submarine team was filmed in Kuwait and urgently sent for examination in Germany. And it was why: all crew members outwardly aged twenty years. IN medical center for space research of Germany could not understand what happened to the US military submarine but those continued to grow catastrophically …

The further fate of the crew is unknown. How did you find out reporters from the words of one of the workers of this research center, men quickly turned in: they appeared wrinkles, saddles hair, senile muscles, decreased vision – that is, there were all signs of aging. And all this happened very quickly, as if the crew of the submarine “caught up” with the lost time. Explain this not yet possible, although the case for science is very interesting, summed up then the scientist …

That’s all that is known about that mysterious incident. The most interesting for science (and not only for science, for humanity in whole) cases, as you know, are immediately covered by impenetrable armor of the mystery that reaching the truth no longer represents any opportunities (even for the most prominent journalists and independent researchers). Yes, and sometimes pulled into the light sensation often decides nothing in this regard: authorities, military, academics with the world the name immediately puts a fake brand on this news. And then to everyone of us have to decide for ourselves – to believe in her or in honesty the powers that be? Both are often very problematic. With one parties – just some kind of fantasy, but on the other – eternal secrets by politicians and the military, who seem to be hiding from the general public the lion’s share of the most interesting and exciting information.

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