How a Yakut alcoholic was taken to his place aliens

How the aliens took the Yakut alcoholicPhoto from open sources

Not so long ago, in the Yakutsk village of Suntara, he lived a simple, for the first look, a man who received the nickname Little Head from fellow countrymen. Little Head had his own house, if possible here and there earned and experienced, like many other northern people, a strong attachment to strong drinks.

Once he admitted to his drinking companions that in the fall of 2009 years he was abducted by representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. According to booze, he was returning home late, and unexpectedly above him a bright light flashed cold white. Yakut felt like his body ceased to obey the laws of gravity and the beginning rise to the light. Then Little Head fainted.

Having regained consciousness, the Russian found himself as if nothing had happened lying on your own bed. Despite the memory lapses, the man remembered giant humanoid creatures that surrounded him in some strange place. On my hands and feet belly and back Little Head found a lot of red triangles formed by countless small dots. So Thus, the Yakut could not attribute everything to sleep or drunken delirium. Explanation one thing happened: he was first abducted, and then returned home aliens.

After that, the aliens, as the Russian said, abducted him twice more, and each time he had memory lapses, however the silhouettes of mysterious humanoids were firmly imprinted in the mind Little Heads.

Drunk drinking companions, of course, did not believe him. Surely each of them himself recalled a couple of amazing events, which allegedly happened to him on a binge. As for the reds points on the body, then this is for sure, they say, some kind of infection that Little Head picked up during his next party.

In the winter of 2011, our hero went somewhere else again – left home comrade in need and never returned. Nobody was looking for a Bobly, not even his buddies. The drinking companions only sent out once to see where Little Head stocked up, then returned for table and continued to “ferment” without it. However, they noticed that the snow in the yard melted great, although the temperature in the street was severe – under minus forty.

Three weeks passed, and the missing man was back at home. When his friends saw him, at first they didn’t even recognize him. Small head aged twenty years: he lost weight, became wrinkled. His hair turned gray, and skin color became extremely painful even for an alcoholic. This time the unfortunate person was in no hurry to share with his comrades impressions of your adventures with aliens. He is only told them that they had terrible experiments on it, which completely undermined his already not perfect health, and therefore soon he will die.

A photo from open sources

But now Little Head could demonstrate to skeptics evidence of alien abduction. Yakut gained unusual abilities. He felt like touching a fork, a nail, or whatever to another metal object, as a thing immediately began intensively vibrate, making an incomprehensible high sound. A man could melt snow and ice without touching them with your hands. But the most it was amazing what he learned to see through walls and other barriers. The friends of Little Head hid a bottle of vodka in the house, and the alien experimenter easily found her.

After a crescent, he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver on last stage. It was already impossible to help such a patient, therefore doctors prescribed him medicines and a strict diet so that he could live rest of days with the least pain, and let go of Little Head back home. The patient at first burned for a day or two, then suddenly filled with cheerfulness and gathered friends to make the last booze with them.

They walked for about a week. One night Little Head went to his room and the next morning did not go out of it. The bedroom opened, and there is nobody there. Someone will say that the drunkard went into the forest, to die, but the friends of our hero, personally witnessed miracles performed by him, tend to a different opinion.

The fact is, they still asked Little Head why he so amused, despite his condition. In response to this, the Yakut informed them that he would not really die: giant creatures with another planet will not only be cured, but also taken with him. So it apparently happened …


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