How an American had lunch at a restaurant no in our world

Like an American having lunch at a restaurant that isn't in our world.A photo from open sources

In 1995 Rhode Island resident Paul Colizzo encountered an amazing mystery that he tried to solve for two more than decades, but never found a rational explanation what happened.

Paul often visited the city of Newport, to which from his home 45 minutes drive: yachtsman races were regularly held there. Coming to Newport, the man went to breakfast as usual Newport Creamery Cafe-Restaurant: Paul had a weakness for donuts, waffles, hot chocolate, strawberry dessert and other tasty things.

A photo from open sources

… That time he was in Newport with his friend Kenny. Hungry, the men decided to visit Paul’s favorite restaurant. By Americas Cup Avenue they drove to the Shell gas station, a little beyond which was their goal, – and then Paul suddenly saw a passage to a parallel street that he had never noticed before …

There were visible part of the promenade and floating on the water sailboats, Paul recalls. – And it all looked so beautiful that we got out of the car and headed there. It looked like we ended up in the business part of the city where I had never before looked in. I still remember this busy street and even the bus stop on her …

A photo from open sources

On the way, Paul and Kenny met several restaurants, including number one under the guise of Newport Creamery (it was, of course, another institution of the same company). Friends did not fail to go there and found that the food there is beautiful, as well as the view of the ocean: happy people were walking along the promenade, yachts glided in the waves under white sails. Idyll, and only! .. Paul liked it so much this is the place that he decided to definitely come here with his wife.

Returning home, he told his wife about his impressions and promised that on Saturday he would take her to a wonderful place. Really, three days later the couple Colizzo went to Newport.

As it should, they turned onto Americas Cup Avenue, drove to refueling … however, behind it there was no passage to a busy and beautiful street. Confused and perplexed Paul several times I drove past this place, then began to travel around, however, and I could not find anything.

From where a magnificent view recently opened to the ocean, there was only a wasteland with a football field and there were residential at home. Half an hour later I stopped all searches, – admitted he.

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However, this story seemed to Paul so strange that even more than one year he tried to find a mysterious street with a restaurant Newport Creamery. The man walked several times prospective area hoping to be in a “business center with embankment, “- all to no avail. However, it was not a hallucination! Finally Paul, unable to stand it, turned to Kenny, and his friend confirmed everything that happened to them on the “disappeared street”. Down to the very small details! ..

In 2000 Paul got a computer and began to figure out all the addresses, which are the cafe-restaurants of Newport Creamery. The establishment where he regularly had breakfast was found quickly, however there was simply no other similar restaurant in Newport …

After another 16 years, Paul had a chance to chat with one a city official who knew Newport well. That is definitely stated that there are no and there were no two Newport Creamery cafes.

A photo from open sources

From all this, Paul concluded that many years ago, together with his friend, he temporarily moved to another, parallel, measurement.

Having come to this thought, I tried many times break into it while driving around the Americas Cup Avenue – without hiding says Paul. – However, a fantastic passage leading to another world, very similar to ours, it didn’t open up to me anymore …

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