How it fell through the earth

How through the earth failedA photo from open sources

“How through the earth failed!” – you can say something or someone missing. Everything in the South African city of Johannesburg that is what happened. One of the local attractions is The Big Hole. This is a giant pit in the earth left after how diamonds were mined here. The depth of the hole is at least 200 meters. According to some estimates, this is the largest excavation pit in the world. manually. This is where the labrador dog came to be. He committed a dizzying flight of 200 meters and ended up in water. Having sailed to the nearest shore, the dog climbed onto a small cornice and began to “call for help.” The tourists noticed the dog, after which called rescuers. For a five-hour animal rescue operation watched all the media in South Africa. When, finally, the Labrador was on surface, local rescue spokeswoman Vanessa Jackson said the dog is fine: “The dog is running, he hasn’t injuries, unless hungry and dehydrated. “Veterinarians added that the dog spent at least seven days in the pit. Now journalists are trying track down the owners of the dog.


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