How long can a person live without heads?

How long can a person live without a head?Photo from open sources

What happens if a person loses his head, that is, it will separated with the brain from his body? Most of us will say that it means lightning death. No wonder in the past times decapitation was considered instantaneous and therefore humane way of execution.

However, sometimes incredible incidents happen when a person with a critically damaged or even severed head continues to move and even make meaningful actions. History stores dozens of such information. Below we will talk about some the most amazing of them.

The incredible execution of Diez von Schaunburg

This famous event occurred in 1636. King ludwig Bavarian captivated the nobleman Dietz von Schaunburg and his four hired foot soldiers for a rebellion against legitimate authority. Such behavior was punishable by death, so all five seemed to have no pass the executioner’s ax. According to the knightly tradition, before execution the king invited von Schaunburg to fulfill his last wish. AND then Dietz struck everyone with his answer.

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The nobleman asked the monarch to have mercy on the Landsknechts, but only in in the event that the headless von Schaunburg manages to rise from land and run past your mercenaries. Moreover, in order to do this the task is more complicated, the rebel clarified that all those sentenced, including himself, will stand apart at a distance of eight steps, and it is necessary to have mercy only those past whom the headless Ditz will be able to run. Ludwig of Bavaria, intrigued by this deal, graciously agreed to fulfill such an unusual last wish courtier.

Von Schaunburg immediately placed the foot soldiers in a row, measured out large steps necessary distance between them, then moved on the agreed distance himself, knelt down and crossed himself three times. When the executioner’s sword whistled through the air, the rebel’s blond head rolled down to the ground. Those present froze. Unexpectedly body the executed one jumped to his feet and, to the king’s horror with the courtiers, rushed to the Landsknecht, splashing blood from the throat. Past last sentenced, that is, having done more than thirty-two steps, the dead man stopped, jerked convulsively and collapsed to the ground, after which he no longer showed signs of life.

This history is chronicled and confirmed by the state document. The king, by the way, thought then that he was involved here the devil, however, kept his word and had mercy on Landsknecht.

Like a decapitated soldier firing a rifle

Another similar incident occurred in the early nineteenth century during British conquest of India, and he also officially documented. Corporal Robert Crickshaw composed then curious report that was later found in the archive of one of the military UK ministries. This document sets out just surreal circumstances of the death of captain Terence Malveni.

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Mulveni was the commander of the second company of the first Yorkshire line regiment and died during the assault on Fort Amara. During hand-to-hand combat with the enemy the English military took out a saber and demolished her head patan soldier. However, the headless body does not immediately ceased to show signs of life. First it raised a rifle and point blank shot right at the heart of his killer, and only then, as if nothing had happened, collapsed to the ground.

Sailor Surviving Without a Quarter Head

In 1888, the New York Medical Herald published the story of a startling incident that occurred shortly before this with a sailor who worked in a tugboat. The man climbed on boxes transported by the barge in order to check the strength of their fastening. The ship passed at that moment over the low bridge, and the sailor carried away by the work that did not notice the sharp beam of the bridge span, which literally cut off his skull just above his eyes.

The American, bleeding, fell, and his colleagues thought that a man lives in seconds. However, when the barge moored, the sailor still showed signs of life. His, of course, they were immediately taken to the hospital. There were doctors shocked that their patient, like a medical saw, neatly cut a whole quarter of his head, but he did not die. When doctors treated a gaping wound, trying not to touch once again to an open damaged brain, the unfortunate opened his eyes and calmly asked what had happened to him.

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When the doctors performed the operation and bandaged the remains of the head patient, the latter suddenly got up from the operating table, asked for his clothes and said that he wanted to go home. Not two months later, he returned to his previous job. Sailor regularly performed his duties and seemed almost unchanged – except that sometimes I felt dizzy. Only twenty six years his gait became uneven, and then the American partially paralyzed the left arm and leg. In addition, a man, according to doctors, a tendency to hysteria appeared. However, he still lived a few years and died in old age …

Boy with a shot brain

In 1987, fourteen-year-old African-American Ahad at that time Israfil moonlighted on vacation in one of the gun stores your city. Once a store owner accidentally hit with a butt guns on the floor. The gun, unfortunately, turned out to be loaded and fired. The bullet hit right in the head of Ahad, destroying a significant part of him skulls. But the boy did not die, although the right hemisphere of his brain suffered so much that the doctors were forced almost entirely by him delete.

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Israfil is now almost forty years old, and he is still alive. True, a man can move only in a wheelchair. what Interestingly, his psyche did not suffer at all. He is talking to surrounding, as the most ordinary person. Moreover, to the creepy injured black American could not stand the study, however, having lost part of his brain, he suddenly felt an unprecedented thirst for knowledge and began to devote all his free time to reading. Ahad with graduated with honors, and today he periodically flashes on American television, telling viewers about their life, striking them with his memory and arudition.

The amazing story of Phineas Gage

In 1848, the twenty-five-year-old American worker Phineas Gage intended to blow up a rock while laying a railway in Vermont State Cavendish Outskirts. Man struck in stone hole and put in there a powder charge and then started ram it with a metal rod. By chance, iron the stick hit the rock and carved a spark, which is why gunpowder ignited.

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An explosion thundered, a steel rod, flying out of a cliff, through and through struck the head of the worker. A metal rod entered the left cheek Phineas and went near the crown of the head, piercing the brain. However as a result In this accident, Gage only lost an eye and a tooth. Other a person having received such an injury would have died on the spot, however a real miracle. The American felt good and reached at the help of colleagues to the medical center, discussing along the way misfortune. Worker got an infection, but he recovered from she lived for another twelve years, having died in 1860 in San Francisco.

Speech, memory, mental abilities, body control and Phineas almost no perception of the surrounding reality have changed. But the man has significantly changed his character. Gage became hot-tempered and irritable and lost all desire continue to engage in physical labor. Having abandoned the service on the railway road, the American began to earn by traveling around To the United States and showed visitors scars their scars, as well as that ill-fated rod.

Headless Russian lieutenant

During World War II, an interesting incident occurred with Russian soldiers. During the raid behind the rear of the Nazis, the commander reconnaissance group, the lieutenant stepped on the so-called “mine frog.” The shell jumped up and exploded. One of the fragments to the lieutenant demolished almost the entire head, leaving only the lower jaw and chin. However, the military’s body did not immediately fall.

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The Russian slowly unfastened his padded jacket, took out a card from there route and handed it to his comrade. Only after that the body of the lieutenant collapsed to the ground. Corpse of the commander who even after death did not stop thinking about his soldiers, was carried away scouts and buried near the headquarters of the regiment.

Russian mushroom picker with a blown head

This incident also occurred with our compatriot. About him writes journalist Igor Kaufman.

After World War II, one mushroom picker was found under Leningrad incomprehensible device. He brought it to his face and became consider, naturally, trying also to open. This moment an explosion came because it was a mine. Unhappy completely tore off head, but he managed to walk another two hundred meters.

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Moreover, the mushroom picker, devoid of organs of vision and hearing, is somehow inexplicably managed to cross a stream on a narrow plate. Materials about this accident are available in the criminal archive wanted.

Why do people live without a head?

There are a lot of similar cases, and scientists are still so far they cannot explain how a person with a torn or crippled head continues to live and even just move. Why so terrible injuries sometimes not only do not kill a person, but also have a big impact on his psyche and mental abilities?

The first thing that catches your eye is the gender of all these personalities. Yes, men lead a more risky lifestyle and work for more hazardous work, but maybe it’s just the strong sex due to some structural features of the body in rare cases is able to survive with a mutilated head?

The above cases have something else in common. Military, workers, sailors, and the like, are probably not use their brain “one hundred percent” because they are engaged in all life is monotonous and not intellectual labor. Perhaps it is therefore, brain damage has little effect on their overall condition.

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There is also a theory that a person has two control systems. The first, of course, is the brain and nervous system. They are control our body with electrical impulses. But some scientists claim that the person is also endocrine management system governing the work of internal organs through hormones. It is supposedly autonomous and independent of central nervous system. Her cells are scattered all over our the body, that is, are present in all types of tissues.

Therefore, we can assume that in case of damage to the head the endocrine system takes over the function of the brain. If mutilation strongly, then it allows the body to move in minutes. However, if most of the head is preserved, then a person can completely continue to live for many more years.

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