How much do you know about yogis?

How much do you know about yogis?Photos from open sources

This yogi can walk on fire, levitate, that is, rise above the ground, pierce yourself with swords, without any harm to your health lying naked in the snow for days and even stop your heart and fall into a trance like death.

Proposed Documentary “Yoga – the Way of Self-Knowledge” begins with a story about an amazing experiment that had a case in 1837 and is officially certified. it happened in Lahore when a yogi Haridas for an argument was buried on forty days. His temporary grave was guarded by soldiers to keep it clean. no one could disturb the experiment. After the appointed period of hundreds people watched as Haridas was excavated, raised from the grave and through revived for some time, which greatly enraptured Maharaja Ranjit Singh, who argued with the great yogi, what is just impossible. It turned out – maybe.

In the last century, similar experiments proving the fantastic, almost mystical abilities of the yogis were held many times. And each time there were both enthusiastic spectators and skeptics who called it all tricks. But is it a trick?

This is just the new documentary project in which many facts and evidence have been compiled that yogis never were illusionists, they could actually fly and sharp swallow objects, and take the most unthinkable poses, and much other that is beyond the capabilities of an ordinary person. But here’s what’s interesting: yogis are not some kind of superhuman flown to our Earth from another planet, it’s not even special personalities from birth. Yogis are the most ordinary people who are stubborn by training souls and bodies they changed their consciousness and state of their physical component, due to which they could achieve amazing abilities and demonstrate a real miracle. However, watch the movie, it tells a lot about all this more detailed and interesting …

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