How the Australian managed to radically change your life using eBay

How the Australian managed to radically change his life with eBayA photo from open sources

Each of us must have thought about the need to change something in your life, and even better – fundamentally everything. But how to do that?

Australian Ian Asher also did not know this, although for a long time felt that in his life some kind of stagnation had come long ago: the house – work is home, and so every day. The last straw, as they say, in his desire to at least change something in this grayness was a divorce from wife. And then it dawned on the Australian – you need to sell at all someone so boring, albeit well-fed, life, and start yourself new one.

A photo from open sources

And he advertises on the famous eBay site. In his lot, which initially yen valued at just one dollar, everything included, what until recently was worth to an Australian: home, everything personal belongings up to mobile phone, car, work and even friends and relatives. Asher kept only his passport and a list of what he wants to achieve in the future.

Seven days later, the Australian lot “The Life of Ian Asher” rose to 305 thousand American dollars – that’s how much he received means to radically change your life that began with Traveling around the world. He used to have neither money nor time, and now he was free in his desire to embody this long-standing a dream that yesterday seemed just fantastic.

… Two years have passed. Ian Asher has visited many countries of the world, started your blog, which is popular on the Internet and brings him a decent income. Thanks to this, he acquired the island, a small film was even made about an Australian, but the main thing is that he met true love. And so now immensely happy …

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Do you think this is luck, fate, or something else? And could you radically change your life like this? Not only say that you don’t have anything that you can put a lot on eBay site, in order to get an initial capital of 300 thousand dollars. This is not the main thing, just Asher really wanted change – and God gave them to him. After all, for his lot could give no more than a thousand dollars. And on the other hand, how many people win the lottery millions and just lets the money down the drain without bringing into your life not the slightest change. Do not you think that the main thing in this matter determination, determination and … only a fraction of luck. But because she, as the wise say, is waiting for everyone who dares (indeed, not in words) for change …

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