How the Chinese repair tourist mountain trails

How the Chinese repair mountain hiking trailsPhoto from open sources

Pinjiang County’s Hunan Province of China annually visits thousands of tourists – mostly admire the incomparable mountain beauties and naturally look at the famous glass bridge (road of fear), which you can walk, feeling the real flight over the bottomless abyss.

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However, the Tianmen Mountains, where the transparent bridge is located, are equipped and other, no less exotic and “dangerous” (just the spirit exciting) hiking trails. True, all this was built for a relatively long time, and therefore dilapidated (represents a certain danger for tourists), but most importantly, it no longer meets modern requirements, that is, can not provide normal service.

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For these reasons, now in the Tianmen Mountains region the Chinese skilled craftsmen are hard at repairing old paths on the slopes, strengthen and expand them, and also build new ones. The most interesting, that these high-altitude builders work from a European perspective completely in inhuman conditions. They are building some dilapidated forests, work without any insurance (if not count helmets on a person’s head) and at the same time (note) completely not afraid for their lives. No wonder someone called Chinese ants who seem to obey some common mind, completely not caring about their individual life.

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All this amazes and surprises everyone who sees the Chinese “ant discipline and dedication.” After all, as a result such amazing actions, the Chinese are building anything and quite quickly, thoroughly and surprisingly beautifully and very individually. These mountain trails for tourists, even in there is no doubt that they will be completed on time and will soon be accepted the first tourists who come to admire the local beauties and a little “have fun”, having experienced the fear of walking over the abyss.

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By the way, we just add that neither on the glass bridge, nor on others such establishments in China have never happened miserable cases. And with the builders themselves, as far as possible believe statistics, nothing happens, that is, they do not break in abyss and do not die dozens of such dangerous work without any insurance …

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