How the former Russian boxing champion became illustrious pastry chef

How the former Russian boxing champion became a famous pastry chefA photo from open sources

Renat Agzamov, former Russian boxing champion, is now known like a pastry chef whose sweet masterpieces sell for dozens or even hundreds one thousand dollars.

Renat baked his first cake when he was only seven years old. is he says he has created over 2700 cakes ever since, trying constantly improve your skills in order to exceed expectations every time customers. Despite the fact that most of his youth Agzamov dedicated to sports, a man admits: cooking in general and making cakes in particular has always been his favorite hobby. Today, Renat is one of the most sought after in the world of pastry chefs and creates incredibly sophisticated wedding cakes for wealthy clients from many countries.

A photo from open sources

For his more than 30 years of activity, he won several international competitions for the manufacture of original confectionery products, but they helped Agzamov gain world fame social networks, especially Instagram. In an interview with Renat said that sooner or later he would probably have come to such a wide recognition, but Instagram accelerated the process by 20 years. Currently Agzamov has more than 2 million fans in this popular social networks where the master constantly publishes photographs of his exquisite products.

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To the question, what is the secret of his success, the famous pastry chef answered: firstly, it is a wealth of experience, and secondly, an insatiable thirst for knowledge and The pursuit of excellence. At one time, Renat more than once settled on work as a pastry chef to increase your skill level. Any times, passing by a pastry shop and seeing something new for himself, he tried to get a job there to find out another a secret that just so no one will open to anyone. Thus, in the first six months I spent in Moscow, says Renat, I changed seven jobs. Got what I needed and went for new knowledge and experience. At that time I was so obsessed with the learning process, which otherwise simply could not.

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Last year, Renat Agzamov once again received international recognition for the impressive 13th wedding cake ft (which reportedly cost $ 179,000). Designed like a fairytale castle with dozens of exquisite towers, balconies, miniature figures and interior lighting, cake weighing 1500 kg was ordered for a high-profile Kazakh wedding.

A photo from open sources

Agzamov creates his creations in the form of bizarre castles and intricate fountains that look like they really are flowing water, fabulous giant dragons and absolutely believable snow-capped mountains. And every time it’s something new exclusive, amazing to the imagination. There seems to be no problem that would not be able to handle this indefatigable genius of culinary art on his endless path to excellence.

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