How the girl visited the “damn wedding”

How the girl went toPhotos from open sources of

A resident of Yekaterinburg Natalya Semenova shared very An interesting story that happened to her grandmother Taisia.

… It was in the thirties of the last century. Future grandmother Natalia lived then in the city of Kasli (Chelyabinsk region), in her house, next to the old cemetery. Accustomed to the neighborhood of graves, she didn’t have any superstitious fears towards them and concerns. By the way, this cemetery has been preserved to this day; on it you can see a lot of cast iron figures and an old chapel on main alley.

… Warm and calm September day has already significantly exceeded beyond the middle. Taisia, while still a young girl, coping with household chores, I decided to visit and clean up the grave relatives. A few minutes later she was already entering the gate cemeteries.

On the central avenue, Taisia ​​reached the chapel, also decorated cast iron, habitually crossed herself and, turning to the side, continued on her way. It was empty all around, silence was broken only croaking raven.

… Suddenly, it would seem, for no reason the girl became very fearfully. Looking around, she saw that near her legs and fallen leaves snake along the path – this is how the snowdrop spreads in winter. This surprised and even frightened Taisia, because there was no wind absolutely! ..

And the leaves meanwhile circled harder and harder – and now turned into a real whirlwind. From horror, the girl literally squeezed legs. Falling to her knees, she crawled along the ground to the side chapels. Next to her was a meter-long column of leaves, heard howling, hum and – what was the worst – someone angry giggle. Taisia ​​heard him very distinctly …

The girl failed to rise to her feet; she crawled slowly to the chapel and kept saying prayers that I learned from mothers. Her tongue was entangled with horror, and the words were confused. And the whirlwind is everything grew and strengthened …

Having somehow reached the chapel, Taisia ​​climbed onto the porch and burst into tears. And then she closed her eyes and began to read everything again. prayers known to her. A giant funnel from There were buzzes and laughter.

… So it took about half an hour. Finally, the whirlwind began to weaken, and then it completely disappeared, silence fell. Having hardly got to his feet, Taisia ​​trudged home. On the way from the graveyard, she didn’t met.

The girl told the church about what happened to her father. He listened very carefully to her and explained that Taisiya accidentally got to the “damn wedding” and saved her only prayers and the consecrated chapel …


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