How to beat snoring easily

How easy it is to defeat snoring.Photos from open sources

Snoring people in the first place prevent others from sleeping, most often close people, for example, one spouse to another, thereby turning night into a little nightmare, why life becomes fresh, or even just unbearable.

On the other hand, a snoring person harms his health because snoring can cause suffocation, metabolic disturbance substances, serious heart problems, up to cardiac arrest during sleep. So this is far from a comic disease.

More than twenty percent of people suffer from snoring after the age of thirty, and by old age – this percentage growing like a snowball. That’s why you should give this problem the most serious attention, especially to women (most often they suffer snoring), and the temple should be treated with the appearance of the very first symptoms of it (falling asleep in a dream). Better yet – just to prevent snoring when it’s not already in however, you know that your parents snore (snoring – in more hereditary disease).

Snoring can be cured easily with folk remedies without resorting to the services of doctors. In the first case, you can use cabbage methodology. Grind a few sheets of white cabbage (pass through a meat grinder or blender), mix the resulting mass with a teaspoon of honey. You can squeeze cabbage juice and again mix it with honey. Use before bedtime.

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In the second case, after eating, rinse your mouth cavity (not less than half a minute) with warm water, into which a few drops of sea buckthorn oil. Moreover, during the day as do gymnastic exercises more often (pronounce with effort sound “and”) to strengthen the muscle tissue of the pharynx, the weakening of which most often causes snoring. Folk Healer Gennady Malakhov also recommends exercises such as squeezing the jaws of a pencil or wooden stick, as well as opening the mouth with resistance (the chin is pressed from below by a hand).

It is best to do both together. This minimum funds completely relieves a person of snoring within a month. What if you are still sleeping in a dream or until you suffer from snoring in general, but genetically predisposed to this, just occasionally do exercises to strengthen the muscles of the nasopharynx – and that’s it! And so still – eat more carrots (in any form), since tannins substances in it, by themselves, strengthen muscle tissue pharynx.

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