How to make a charm for a child from the evil eye and damage with your own hands

Every loving parent tries to protect the child from negativity. Help in this is provided by amulets that can be purchased at specialized retail outlets, made with your own hands.

The second option is more desirable, since in the process of creation the amulet absorbs the positive energy of the master. Therefore, a parent can have no doubt: a self-made amulet for a child will become a reliable protector against the evil eye and negative magical effects.

amulet for a child

Types of amulets for a child

Children are much more negatively affected than adults. It is easier to jinx a child whose energy is still weak, and it is difficult to eliminate the consequences of the evil eye. Many mothers are faced with the fact that their babies are affected by the dark eye. For a long time, parents have created and used amulets for children to prevent negativity.

Today, numerous protective products are known, invented by various peoples in different eras. It is advisable to create children's amulets with your own hands, but if there is no opportunity and skill, then you can buy it, only after the purchase it is necessary to clear and activate.

The simplest and most common types of amulets are:

  • pins;
  • icons;
  • amulets made of metal and stones;
  • charmed toys;
  • bags of herbs;
  • embroidery on clothes;
  • red thread on the wrist;
  • natural objects with magical properties.

For babies

If the child is constantly with his mother, then he does not need special amulets, since he is constantly under the protective influence of the mother's energy. In this case, the young mother only needs to worry about how to strengthen her own protection.

If the baby is not near the mother all the time, then he needs additional protection. Optimal options for infant amulets:

  • minerals that not only protect against the evil eye, but also improve the physical condition of the baby (malachite, rock crystal, amber);
  • a charmed toy that the child loves to play with.

It is recommended to hang protective stones over the cradle, and put the toy in the stroller when going for a walk.

For girls

Girls have long been given a hand-made, elegant, faceless doll or a swaddling doll. The facelessness of the toy is not without reason: our ancestors believed that a spirit capable of harming a child could settle in a doll with eyes. The faceless doll has a powerful energy that protects the girl from any negativity.

For boys

The mother can give the boy any toy made with her own hands. You can buy a toy your son likes, carry out a purification ritual, speak to her, ask for protection for the child. It is good if a boy loves a toy, never part with it: in this case, the protective effect of the amulet does not weaken.

amulet for a child Slavic

Charm for a child from the evil eye and damage

Body amulets can be used when the child is 3 years old. Until this time, it is advisable that protective items are in the children's room, hung over the cradle or lie in the stroller. An exception is a red thread, it can be tied to a baby from birth.

The following are the items and plants most commonly used as amulets for babies:

  1. A pin is a simple, long-known, but effective guard against the evil eye. The product is pinned to children's clothes, crib, stroller. It absorbs negative energy, blocks it, prevents it from breaking out and causing harm. If the metal from which the product is made has darkened, then the amulet has fulfilled its function, has absorbed too much negativity, requires replacement: it must be thrown into the fire.
  2. Salt is a natural mineral with powerful protective power. To make an amulet, it is advisable to buy a product when the moon is rising. The salt is placed in a natural cloth bag.
  3. Rowan is a tree with strong positive energy. Its fruits are an excellent amulet for a child. They are dried, poured, like salt, into a cloth bag. The berries should be changed every month, since during this period they manage to accumulate a lot of negativity. A cross with equal sides is woven from rowan branches (a red thread is used for weaving), hung over the bed.
  4. Bay leaf is a good scarer of evil spirits, a restorer of energy purity. 3 large undamaged leaves are placed in a blue or yellow fabric bag during the growth of the moon. The bag is sewn up with a previously unused needle and stored in the nursery. After 3 months, the leaves are removed, burned, and the following are put in their place.
  5. The bell is an excellent amulet for a child's room. The main thing is that he does not just hang on the wall or over the bed: he must periodically call. It is recommended to hang the product on the collar of a pet before placing it in the nursery: this will increase the protective power. The bell should be periodically cleaned of the accumulated negative: brush off the dust, immerse it in a bowl of salt.
  6. The shell is a good protection for a child who lives near the sea and often swims in open water, as well as during a resort vacation. It's good if you managed to find a shell with a natural hole on the shore. Then she simply clings to a string, hangs around her neck. If a sink with a hole is not found, then you can use a simple one, drill a hole in it. Every 3 months the suspension should be placed in a container of salt or salt water to cleanse.
  7. The red thread is a kabbalistic protective symbol that has gained popularity in Russia and among other peoples. The thread is tied on the baby's wrist from the first days of life. It is desirable that the mother or grandmother do it. For a small child from the evil eye and damage, a bandage of three connected threads with 9 knots is optimal.
  8. A swaddling doll is not only a strong amulet, but also a wonderful toy that little girls will be happy to play with. A doll is made from parental clothes: for girls – from mother's, boys – from father's.
  9. The icon of the saint, whose name corresponds to the name of the child, is the best amulet in a religious family. It is not worth buying a large icon, the best option for a child is a small pocket icon that can be put in a pocket or a backpack, or hung around the neck.
  10. An angel as a protector of children from the evil eye can be made in the form of a toy from a soft or hard material, embroidered on clothes or children's bedding. The figurine can be hung over the cradle, placed on the bedside table or windowsill in the children's room.
  11. Lelnik is an ancient Slavic protective symbol associated with the goddess of the dawn, protecting from envious people and dark magicians. Drawn on the cradle, children's dishes, embroidered on diapers. Boys were supposed to wear clothes with a pattern until they were 3 years old, and girls until they came of age.
  12. Radonets is another protective symbol of the Slavs. He also embroidered on children's clothes, painted on the cradle, dishes, toys. The mother was embroidering, only red threads were used for embroidery. The sacred pattern is a reliable protector against damage, it fills the body with heavenly energy, gives spiritual harmony. In the old days, a toy with a drawn symbol was given to a baby so that he would stop crying and being capricious.
  13. Other Slavic symbols for embroidery: small children wear clothes with a tree of life, images of animals and plants, adolescents are suitable for protection alatyr, overpower-grass, molvinets.

How to make a charm for a child with your own hands

The amulet made by mother's hands has the greatest power. The mother has a strong spiritual bond with the child, so her protection is as strong and effective as possible. If the mother does not know how, or for some reason cannot make a defense, then the grandmother can do it.

In extreme cases, a toy amulet can be bought. But the following nuances are taken into account when buying:

  • the purchase is not made on Monday;
  • you should not take the goods from a seller who causes dislike, behaves unacceptably;
  • the toy should be soft and pleasant to the touch;
  • the product must be of high quality;
  • after the purchase, the mother must form a bond with the toy (ask her for protection for the child, then attach something of her own to it or sprinkle it with her favorite eau de toilette).

To maintain communication, the above procedure should be carried out annually on the child's birthday. The amulet toy is valid until the child is seven years old.

To make an effective amulet for a child with your own hands, you need to consider the following rules:

  • you cannot take up work without desire, with negative thoughts (otherwise the product will absorb the negative, pass it on to the baby);
  • in the course of work, you need to think about the child in a light and positive way (the emotions experienced by the needlewoman will be absorbed by the product);
  • you should start working when the moon enters the growth phase;
  • you need to tinker in peace and quiet, nothing should distract from the process.

It is not difficult to make a doll that will protect the child from negativity:

  1. The face does not appear, but, according to Slavic belief, the navel is necessarily indicated – the focus of the energy of the Family.
  2. The body is made of natural fabric, twisted ten times. It turns out a dense bundle, which is tied with a woolen belt. In front, the belt is tied with a knot or decorated with some detail – you get a navel.
  3. The proportions of the doll's body must match the proportions of the baby.
  4. The doll is decorated with a handkerchief, swaddling.
  5. Scissors, needles and other sharp objects are not used in the manufacture, otherwise life will 'prick' the child. The threads are being cut by the teeth. The work cannot be interrupted: it must be started and completed at once.

Hand-made talismans not only reliably protect against negative energy, but also help the child grow up as a conscious and harmonious personality. The amulet should always be near the child, remain hidden from prying eyes (with the exception of body jewelry and toys). Parents should not tell anyone about him.

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