How to turn on the backup mechanism

How to turn on the backup mechanismPhotos from open sources of

When a deadly disease approaches a person, he either passes before her, or mobilizes all his life forces. In the first case a person just dies, but in the second case – surprisingly doctors can even be cured of even the most incurable disease, let’s say from cancer.

Which of us does not know about cases when doctors are already discharging seriously ill person home – almost die. And he comes to them, say, in a month, completely healthy, and all the analyzes show – from a deadly disease that faced powerless medicine, there was not even a trace left in it.

Today, scientists have come to the conclusion that in humans at the moment of deadly danger, a backup mechanism can be activated, and in this moment any of us is capable of real miracles. Moreover exclusively in every person is this divine potential that not only defeats the deadly disease, but also become, for example, a telepathic, overcome gravity lands, having mastered levitation, learn to treat others with one force thoughts, and so on.

However, why are only rare people facing mortal danger? can enable this backup mechanism? It’s no secret that Today, one in four people living on Earth die of cancer. AND while only a few, to the surprise of doctors and the joy of relatives and loved ones, somehow miraculously get out of this deadly traps, explaining then the miracle that they were just very wanted to live. But isn’t everyone else who died of cancer living did you want

The creators of the new answer this and many other questions. documentary project “Life contrary to”.

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