How to wake up the superman?

How to wake up the superman in yourself?A photo from open sources Many famous people were crazy by people. For example, Salvador Dali is a brilliant painter of Spain – was a schizophrenic from a medical point of view. Artist Vrubel and philosopher Nietzsche ended his life in a madhouse. And the great Russian writers Leo Tolstoy and Fedor Dostoevsky, as, however, Napoleon suffered from epilepsy.

Among the famous autistic people are Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Wolfgang Mozart, Vincent Van Gogh and many others. Not to mention that Microsoft’s famous founder, Bill Gates is the most important autistic person of our time. But what is human abnormality?

So, according to American researcher David Wilcock, many people whom others consider almost crippled really just representatives of a different race, and their capabilities much higher than that of a simple person. Hence the genius of such people, because their brain works very differently than ours.

Some people with outstanding abilities or even mysterious extrasensory capabilities are born as such, and for them even today there is a definition – indigo children. But there are many such people unusual abilities which appeared as a result of some tragedies, after suffering a clinical death or, say, sudden loss of vision. Today, scientists, exploring such people, found that all of them have a strongly developed pineal gland or pineal the gland of the brain that is responsible for intuition, the opening of the third eye and other fantastic abilities of man.

A photo from open sources

In the new documentary project “Beyond the World” it’s about those people who, for one reason or another, are told reason suddenly became “different” because they appeared superpowers to see the future, treat people with energy own hands, read minds from a distance and so on.

According to the authors of this film, such amazing In principle, each person has abilities, since each of us in the brain there is this mysterious pineal gland. But … in ordinary people, he just not developed, not awakened, not in demand. Is it possible wake up the superman in yourself without waiting for tragedies or happy coincidence? ..

Indigo children

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