Hoya Bachu Anomalous Forest in Romania

Hoya Bachu Forest, located near the Romanian city Cluj-Napoca, rightfully bears the title of one of the most mysterious places of Europe. It is called the “Bermuda Triangle Transylvania. ”

This analogy suggests itself: here they disappear without a trace people, frequent encounters with UFOs … Residents of nearby villages prefer do not go to Hoya-Bachu, so as not to incur the wrath of the powerful forces that they think live in the forest.

The forest was changing before our eyes …

The main tourist attraction of Transylvania Bran Castle, built in the 14th century, is considered. Them in due time owned by the legendary Vlad Tepes, better known to us as the count Dracula

However, in recent years, more and more tourists tend to visit not only and not so much Dracula’s castle as the surrounding forest Hoya-Bachu, the paranormal phenomena in which almost became commonplace.

But a little over 100 years ago it was a forest like a forest. Local the inhabitants hunted there, picking mushrooms and berries. Ran through the forest a well-worn tract along which travelers were not afraid to travel even at night. Now this road is almost overgrown, and go to Hoya-Bachu will be at risk only at the extreme. Or obsessed researchers are paranormal. Which, however, is enough.

At the beginning of the last century, the forest (then it was simply called Hoya) began to literally change before our eyes. Straight tree trunks gradually bent at monstrous angles. The soil is overgrown thick moss. Beasts gradually disappeared from the forest, and after them almost all birds. Locals whispered that they saw Vlad in Hoya Tepes, who at one time adored hunting in these places. It was rumored that the devil himself had chosen the thicket.

Missing Shepherd

The forest of Hoya began to justify its sinister reputation immediately after the end of the First World War. In one of the local villages he lived a shepherd nicknamed Bachu (translated from Romanian – “leader”, “leader”). The local people were engaged in cattle breeding, and therefore Bachu, who raised and sold sheep in hundreds of respected. In one of June days the shepherd drove a flock of 200 goals to a fair in the town Cluj-Napoca. His path ran through the forest. Bachu went there early in the morning and … completely disappeared.

Hoya Bachu Anomalous Forest in RomaniaA photo from open sources

When at the appointed time he did not appear at the fair, merchants, waiting for the flock, for which they had already paid a deposit, they were alarmed. Residents of the city and surrounding villages (several participated in the search thousand people) literally a meter combed the forest, whose area is 35 hectares. But no trace of a shepherd or a sheep could not be found.

The robbers in these places have not been found for a long time, but even if they from somewhere appeared and killed Bacha, hiding his body, take away such a large flock so that it is not noticed in the surrounding villages, – the task is unrealistic. Dear man and the sheep perished without a trace. A the forest has since become known as Hoya Bachu.

Time loop

Forest, like a predator, tasted the taste of human blood, demanded more and more victims. For several years in Hoya Bachu lost a few more people. Their bodies were not found. But these tragedies can be attributed to an accident, the attack of wild animals, that is, at least somehow explain. Others stories smack of outright devilry.

Here, for example, two cases that occurred after the Second World War II. A young teacher who did not believe in either God or hell, went to Hoya Bachu for mushrooms. Soon the locals found her sitting at the edge of the forest.

In 1989, the Screaming Forest hit the Guinness Book of Records, located in Kent near the village of Plackley. There was observed the greatest number of ghosts in the UK – at least 12 “appearances” for the year.

A photo from open sources

Unhappy completely lost her memory – she did not even remember your name. And, of course, she could not answer the question, what happened to her happened in the forest. Another time a five year old girl chasing after a beautiful butterfly ran into the forest and disappeared. Were organized searches, but she could not find the baby. Only five years later missing girl – in the same clothes and absolutely outwardly unchanged – came out of the forest, holding the wings caught a butterfly.

The baby was never able to tell where she disappeared: for her with the moment she entered the thicket, only a few minutes passed.

Educated people, like the teacher in question above despise superstition. Therefore, although the bulk of the local residents avoided hiking in Hoya Bachu, some still went there for berries and mushrooms. Not all, but some soon became ill – people complained of skin rashes, migraines, dizziness, causeless vomiting. Doctors could not determine the cause of the ailment absolutely healthy people. After some time, the sick recovered, but bad for Hoya-Bachu finally fixed glory.

World fame

In the 1960s, Romanian became interested in the Hoya-Bachu phenomenon biologist Alexander Sift. He became the first scientist to seriously took up the study of the paranormal zone. Over the years Alexander, despite the danger, crossed the forest along and across, spent the night in a thicket, held photo sessions there.

Surprisingly, Hoya-Bachu did no harm to him. Alexander Sift noted that in the depths of the forest there is a strange round clearing on which there is no vegetation. When comparing soil samples from this clearing and from ordinary forest there is no difference in composition was not found. So biological reasons for there is no extinction of vegetation within a circular glade.

A photo from open sources

Alexander Sift noted: UFOs (most often round) can meet anywhere in the forest. But in the “bald” glade of them activity is greatest. With the manifestation of films after night photo shoots researcher drew attention to another strange feature. Many photographs show round luminous objects that are not perceived by the simple eye.

By the way, such balls often now appear in pictures, made by digital devices. Scientists can’t give it reasonable explanation, but the locals have it. By their opinion, balls are the souls of dead people. Fact that lands Transylvania profusely watered with blood – this area in the Middle Ages constantly passed from hand to hand. All this of course accompanied by violence. Unhappy peasants plundered and ruthlessly local princes, and Hungarians, and Romanians, and Turks killed.

… In 1968, the case of Sift was continued by the Romanian military engineer Emile Barney. Soon after the start of the observations he succeeded take a UFO photo over the treetops. The experts found that it’s really about a certain flying object, nature which they do not undertake to explain. It is believed that this is the clearest and a reliable UFO snapshot taken in Romania.

Portal to another world?

Nowadays, many ufologists from Hoya Bachu come from different countries of the world – Germany, France, Great Britain, Hungary. However, paranormal activity in these places in recent years decreased slightly. Not all visitors manage to run into mystical phenomena.

However, many of them observe luminous balls in the forest (more often total – near the “bald” glade deep in the forest). Sometimes researchers hear strange sounds or see flickering shadows and lights. Winter on strange tracks often appear in the snow that do not belong to any known to the creature on Earth.

In the photographs, you can still often see strange silhouettes. and luminous balls not visible to the naked eye.

A photo from open sources

Prestigious publications dedicated to ufology, as well as the Air Force channel call Hoya Bachu one of the most interesting paranormal zones on the planet. Even Nicolas Cage, intrigued, came here. programs about the mysterious forest. Famous Hollywood Actor a few days filming a documentary about Hoya Bachu, which Now demonstrates to his friends at private parties. Cage I am sure that the trees in the forest have changed their shape under the influence of powerful energy inherent in these places. After this statement the actor began to come to Hoya Bachu yoga lovers. They meditate in forest and trying to scoop up energy from a mystical source.

Residents of neighboring villages in recent years have found their an explanation of the whole hell that is going on in Hoya Bachu. They are sure, that the “bald” clearing in the thicket is a portal to another world. Disappeared people just failed there. And luminous balls, strange shadows and UFOs – inhabitants of the parallel universe, accidentally falling into our world.

But there is another version that explains the mysterious phenomena in Hoya Bachu. Dracula’s castle, which was somehow forgotten among all this the hype around the mystical forest may well affect the environment its territory with its negative energy and even be a kind of portal connecting our world with worlds parallel.

Andrey Leshukonsky

UK War Time Mushrooms Portals

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