Huge carps live in Bashkir ponds

A photo from open sources

A Chinese man living in Bashkiria caught a giant weighing 24 in a pond kilo. Specialists in shock – an anomaly!

Li Binh Han has been living in Oktyabrsky for 21 years: keys in the market does. Of course, she misses her homeland very much. In China, he and his father lived by the Yellow River, to sit with a fishing rod passion as they loved – then catfish will fish out then grayling. There is no “yellow river” in Bashkiria, but fishing places full. Over the weekend, Lee got out to friends in the Bakalinsky district, went out go fishing at the local pond.

– The guys said – you will catch a maximum of pike. And the carps here spawn did not happen! – Lee wonders (locals call him for convenience Alexey). – I feel – pulls the fishing line strongly. And tail fire flashed …

A photo from open sources

They fought with the fish for three whole hours, the Carp hero almost pulled the boat to the bottom. Well, at least a young fisherman came to the rescue, who fished nearby. Together they somehow cuddled. I got Lee Lesch carp and stupefied – had never seen such giants. 24 pounds of live weight! And the length is 1 meter and 10 centimeters. Alex scored stiff fingers comrade Volodya – from shock, he says, not like Russian, native Chinese forgot.

– At first I didn’t understand anything at all. He screams into the phone: “fish,” “big” and “20 kilograms,” Vladimir recalls. – I honestly say did not believe it. And when they swam to the shore, our eyes are a little from orbits did not jump out.

In an ancient Chinese fairy tale, a hero, catching such a giant, I didn’t take him home – I let him go in exchange for three wishes (we also there is one, remember?). But Lee decided to cook the ear and feed everyone acquaintances.

– Yummy happened! – the fisherman smiles. – Carp is old, very fat. We handed out meat to neighbors, we only left our heads. The first time I caught this, before that my record was catfish at 7 kilograms. I am pleased!

A photograph with carp Alexey-Lee printed and hung at work on conspicuous place. Says the best advertising – customers are now rampant knock down.


“Caught, but we can’t eat”

Another case has recently been in the Ilishevsky district. Exact place fishermen don’t reveal – it’s understandable, everyone will want giant to catch carps.

49-year-old Venus Ahmadullin is a busy man, he is the foreman on construction site. Every day meetings, debriefing, responsibility. A like a weekend, so he gives himself free rein – collects fishing rods and vomits on fishing.

A photo from open sources

– He has a fish disease directly, jokes the son of Diamond. That day venus with a friend just settled on the shore as the fishing line pulled bowstring. But the fish hardly resisted.

– This carp was at the bottom – maybe already asleep, or maybe the old simple, says the lucky one. – We were, to put it mildly, stunned, when they saw him. Huge, wide. And weighed at home – 20 pounds pulled! We still can’t finish eating …


– These are very large carps, to catch such in wild ponds – rare case, anomaly! – says Yevgeny Baum, judge fishing sport of the Association of hunters and fishermen of Bashkiria. – Carps can reach 30 kilos, but only if they are fed specifically like piglets on farms. Maybe they were here once bred. Then they abandoned it, but the old-timers stayed.


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