Huge underwater structure – alien base UFO found near the island of Saipan?

A huge underwater structure - an alien UFO base found near Saipan Island?A photo open source Scott Waring, author of UFO Diaries discovered using Google Earth this wonderful view of the underwater anomaly. Place of detection: Not far from Guam and Saipan. Waring says: “The huge walls seem to stretch for 50 miles, but their total length exceeds 250 miles. Of course, this anomaly can be ancient Asian civilization that sank in the ocean for many years ago, But it could also be an alien underwater base. ” Waring says, “Size anomalies and its location guarantee that millions of creatures could to use the structure from the moment of its creation in such secluded place where it is completely deserted and no one has ever can see the entrance and exit of a UFO from the water. ”

Scott Waring Islands

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