Human physiology: Old age is a hoax! Earlier people lived for 900 years!

Human physiology: Old age is a hoax! Previously, people lived for 900 years!Photos from open sources

Famous healer, record holder, unique Konstantin Stasyuk met with reporters in Kiev. Konstantin Vasilyevich is known author and implementer of the biogravitational transformation concept person. He has counted thousands of unprecedented healings, records, advances in motion physics related to indicators heart work.

The press wrote a lot about the miraculous healings of the afflicted Ankylosing spondylitis, Parkinson’s disease (first-ever received positive public results), cerebral palsy, scoliosis (up to third degrees), Wilson’s disease, post-stroke rehabilitation and others terrible and incurable officially ailments. -Konstantin Vasilevich! What did you remember in 2012? – It happened so that I had to travel a lot. Spain, Israel, Egypt, Bulgaria, many regions of Ukraine and Russia. Meetings with famous and outstanding people of our era. I understood a lot Learned a lot. This year was the beginning of the development of new directions in the field of knowledge of the abilities of the human body stop the biological aging process. There are real technologies to bring the body into a state physiological rejuvenation. Evidence base is being formed recorded positive facts, allowing affirmative to ascertain the conversion achieved! Namely: global improving blood circulation throughout the body, increasing mobility and amplitudes of movements of all joints. -You are the President charity foundation “Human Renewal”. What in plans? – The main and most important thing is to say in the affirmative: PEOPLE – THERE ARE AN INJURABLE DISEASES! Because they appeared real opportunities to get rid of almost all existing disease! Based on changes in the physiology of the state of body tissue and transformations of biodynamics of human movement. Fund presents “Club healthy people Konstantin Stasyuk. “Applications are accepted people older than 60 years of disagreeing with irreversible aging processes! After all, our ancestors calmly lived to 900 years old, dying on the battlefield with weapons! 2012 – the era of Aquarius – the era of Man – new opportunities! Time to think, analyze, believe – the road found! The way to go!


year 2001. K. Stasyuk ran 43 km. with a load of 46 kg at dead weight 60 kg

2002 year. Transcarpathian winter race for 240 km

2003 – installed on the Inter channel in the Guinness Shock program Guinness record, lifting with one finger a weight of 24 kg (46% of the mass own body), bottom up.

2004 – K. Stasyuk for an hour boxed with a load of 10 kg on each hand. At the end of the hour-long marathon, a cardiologist witnessed blood pressure readings and palpitations, as in a person at rest.

2005 year. The program “Eccentrics” (TRC “Tonis”) K. Stasyuk run on “eight” with a load that exceeded its own weight, while had 10 kg of cargo on each leg.

2007 – in Konotop, Konstantin ran a distance race 300 m in a vicious circle, having a load of 5 kg on each leg, 12 kg on the body and 40 kg holding in his hands. At the end of the race a cardiologist attested to an absolutely calm breath, blood pressure indicators are normal.

year 2009. Endurance competition with European champion in Athletics S. Lobanov for the most popular program “Parallel World” STB. K. Stasyuk ran 250 laps in difficult trajectories at the finish line blood pressure and heart rate decreased relative to the start of the race, which officially recorded by a professional physician. Medical performance of a professional athlete, mileage 15 laps, significantly increased.

2010 year. The program embodies the latest technology running in modern football, KV Stasyuk competing with a 20-year-old futsal league forward in futsal on the dynamics of movement and endurance defeated with extraordinary performance. Young athlete having run 15 distances, left it, cardiological indicators to the races were 120-80, after a forced stop – 200-100. 55-year-old Stasyuk easily went the whole distance! Race indicators 130-80. After – 140-90. Shortness of breath is absent.

2010 year. K1 channel in the program “Brahma time” recorded a race of K. Stasyuk with a load of 16 kg on only one leg at a distance of 500 meters. The dynamics of movements during the run was perfectly coordinated. At the finish, shortness of breath was completely absent. The master of sports in alpine skiing, who opposed Stasyuk (25 years old, weight 95 kg) could not move at all with such a load.

-You have passed a difficult life path. Very sick. Survived a clinical death. Lost his wife, left with two children. Got a disability. Left without a livelihood. How did you manage to overcome all those adversities, restore own health and learn how to help people by healing them practically in no-brainer situations?

– Vera!!! To Higher powers, to oneself, to one’s own abilities, kindness, future, knowledge, true …

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