Humanoids in the “zone of silence”

On the US-Mexico border, 400 miles from El Paso, there is desert area within which for some reason TVs and radios refuse to work. They call her silence zone. In the nearest town of Seballos, located in 25 miles from the anomalous region, unknown force periodically suppresses signals in television and radio, despite the lack of visible interference. In the silence zone, the radio finally subsides, and others devices invariably fail: the watch stops, and the compass needle spins like mad.

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Legends say that back in the middle of the 19th century, local farmers often watched as from a completely cloudless sky to earth “hot stones” fell … In the 1930s, a Mexican pilot Francisco Sarabia refused to fly over the desert the radio station. He reported a problem to his superiors. But then no one has given it due importance. In 1964, in the area San Ignacio explored a geophysical expedition under the guidance of chemical engineer Harry de la Peña. Going to desert, Harry suddenly discovered that his walkie-talkie wasn’t works. He returned to the base, and it turned out that the device is quite OK. At the next visit to the zone, the walkie talkie again died out. Also the same thing happened with Harry’s comrades. Later, in the 70s, Athena American experimental ballistic missile, launched from the White Sands training ground, suddenly lost its course and crashed in the silence zone. A few years later over the desert one of the steps of the Saturn rocket exploded. Having analyzed a number mysterious incidents, the US government has concluded that their hard to explain by coincidence. The military department sent a group of scientists into the zone. “Sea Tethys” Since then this area repeatedly visited scientific expeditions. Mexican the government built the biosphere town in the middle of the desert, serving researchers base camp. The silence zone itself received the code name “Sea of ​​Tethys” (in memory of the ancient ocean, covering these places millions of years ago). Camp residents studied occurring in this area paranormal phenomena.

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And there were many such phenomena. More Harry de la Peña reported that meteorites fall unusually often in the zone. UFOs were also recorded here in the form of strange lights, which left behind bunches of scorched and scorched grass, and bright balls, motionless hanging in the air, and then instantly disappearing in front of eyewitnesses. Once, two farmers watched as they came down from the sky a huge luminous ball, where the same bright creatures came from and headed to the people. Those in fear took flight. Meetings with aliens Among the indigenous people there are many tales about aliens walking around the zone. One such episode relates to mid 70s of the last century. October 3, 1975 Ernesto and Josephine Diaz, who were fond of archeology in their free time, went on their pickup truck to the territory of the zone of silence in the hope of find something interesting. On the way back they found a strong thunderstorm with heavy rain. Pickup stalled and then slowly settle in the mud. Suddenly, the couple, in vain trying to move the car with places, noticed that two men in yellow cloaks are approaching them and hats. Approaching, passersby offered Ernesto and Josephine their help. They agreed. True, the faces of unexpected helpers to them seemed unusual. Strangers asked the Diaz couple to sit down back into the car, and they themselves went back somewhere. And then … the pickup itself literally flew out of a dirty puddle! Recovering from surprise Ernesto jumped out of the cab to thank savior. But the strangers disappeared, as if melted in mid-air naked desert … In 1976, a photojournalist wandered into the zone silence in search of sensations, managed to film silver the object, before his eyes soaring into the sky and quickly hiding from mind … In November 1978, journalist Luis Ramirez, along with his the photographer went to the zone’s research camp to to collect material for the newspaper. The path lay through the desert, and soon they noticed that they lost their way. Suddenly, Ramirez saw that some people are wandering towards. Deciding to ask them the way, he told the photographer who was driving to stop the jeep next to three passersby. But he drove by, not slowing down. On surprised a friend’s question, he answered that on the road … there is nobody! Through for a while the journalist again noticed ahead of those three. On this since he insisted that the driver stop the car, although he still maintained that there was nobody else besides them. Passersby looked like ordinary people, and Ramirez mistook them for the locals. “Aborigines” very sensibly explained to him how to get to “Biosphere”, while reporting that they are farmers and are looking here missing goats and sheep. The journalist, meanwhile, was very surprised that there are no flasks with drink or special equipment with them, necessary in the desert. Having reached the camp, Ramirez told about meeting with “farmers” Harry de la Peña, by then led the research lab. He said that in there is no one in the zone except Biosphere employees and visitors correspondents, and no one grazes cattle in the desert. Who were are these mysterious strangers? One night a local businessman Ruben Lopez rode through the desert to Seballos. Suddenly a car engine stalled, and Lopez noticed five low figures on the road in silver overalls and helmets. The dwarfs moved toward his car. Frightened, Lopez pressed the gas. This time the engine started, and, hearing the noise, the aliens rushed off into the darkness somewhere. Further way businessman did without incident … Owners of one ranch on the border of the zone of silence was told that they were regularly visited two men and a woman – all three long-haired beautiful blondes. The visitors were strangely dressed and spoke excellent Spanish although their voices had some unusual musical timbre. They are always turned to the owners with the same request – to fill their jars with water from a well. The guests replied to questions that they had come from somewhere above. By the way, similar long-haired blondes have been seen in California, near Sierra Nevada, and in the Pyrenees, where they are rumored to be exchanged bread and milk from local residents for … gold bars. Ancient mystery Another mystery of the zone of silence is the ruins of a certain ancient stone structures found in the desert by archaeologists. Apparently, these are the remains of an astronomical observatory, built several thousand years ago. But by whom? In that distant era only primitive Indian tribes inhabited the region … Well fraught with “Sea Tethys”?

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One of the zone researchers, Dr. Santiago Garcia, is inclined consider that all the oddities happening there have nothing to do with the supernatural. Perhaps in the depths of the desert is hidden magnetic ore, which is the cause of man-made anomalies. A UFO – not that other than probes launched by the military during secret experiments. But how then to explain the numerous encounters with humanoids? Dina KUNTSEVA “Secrets of the twentieth century” March 2013

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