Hundreds of starlings died instantly and fell to the ground in Utah

Hundreds of starlings died instantly and fell to the ground in UtahPhoto from open sources

An amazing and sinister phenomenon occurred a few days ago in the American city of Draper Utah. Several hundred starlings died in an instant, “pouring a terrible rain” on the road, lawns, cars and roofs of houses. The townspeople still cannot find rational explanation for what happened, and local police officer Chad Carpenter admits this is one of the most mysterious incidents that he has ever encountered in the service.

Motorists recall that they rode quietly along the road when hundreds of birds rained down on top. This instantly led to emergency: drivers were forced to stop right in the middle of the track, not being able to see anything in front of you. Specialists who arrived at the scene concluded that all birds belong to the same species of starlings. They probably flew by over Draper in a huge flock, and then all together instantly died. What caused their death, city officials say no to condition. But there is an interesting theory among ufologists in the World the web.

Authoritative researchers of UFOs and extraterrestrial civilizations argue that this is not about such a rare occurrence. In different parts of the Earth periodically find dead flocks of birds, and the official science cannot explain this in any way, putting forward the most ridiculous theories, for example, death from a lightning strike. Ufologists believe that over the city turned out to be an invisible “flying saucer”, in the energy the field of which got starlings. This, they say, and led to their instantaneous total loss. So other flocks of birds die …


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