Husband and wife died on the same day, living together 60 years

84-year-old pensioner from the Rostov region died later a few hours after his 82-year-old died of old age spouse.

A photo from open sources A touching story of true love and allegiance occurred in the village of Istomino, Aksai district. Social workers watching an elderly couple during a regular raid found the lifeless bodies of Paul and Anna Khmyz. Dead old men lay next to the bed and holding hands. After the examination, it turned out that the hearts of lovers in love over 60 years have ceased fight with a difference of a couple of hours. The first died Anna Khmyz, her husband died in the evening. – Anna Semenovna never worked anywhere, her husband just forbade her to work and provided for her himself. On the salary of a tractor driver he dressed a woman like a queen, said a social worker Home Social Services Department in Istomino Farm Aksaysky district Valentin Borisov. – It was an amazing couple. First, my grandmother passed away, and after a few hours, my grandfather. When we entered their room, the old men were lying nearby, Paul Denisovich looked at his beloved. Until their last breath they were near together. For a long life, four were born to Anna and Paul children, six grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. As children say couple Khmyz, lovers made a decision to get married later a few months after the meeting. Barely seeing young Anna at the factory “Uralmash”, Pavel fell in love with her at first sight.

A photo from open sources Over the years, the health of spouses has been shaken, but not love. 8 years ago Anna Semenovna fell and was injured hips. Since then, the woman practically did not get out of bed. Paul Denisovich himself courted her until the last day. The man was cooking for his beloved, he washed, and when his beloved wanted to breathe carried in his arms from the house into the yard. – Once to their house the robber burst in. At that moment, dad worked in the garden, and mom was in the house. The robber demanded money, and then started it strangle, – said the daughter of Anna and Pavel Elena Potachkina. – But mom she did not utter a sound and silently gave everything to the thief: she was afraid that if the father will come running to the noise, the criminal can cripple him. Of this the robber was never caught. According to the clergyman of the Assumption temple in Aksai district, death in one day – great grace for spouses. Only those couples who have lived are worthy of such a fate. your life in love and fidelity. – Saints Peter and Fevronia also died at the same time, says Father Igor. – The Lord sends such a fate only select couples.

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