Husband is a dog, wife is a tree

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Speaking of marriage, we usually mean the union of a woman and a man. But in some Southeast Asian countries, the marriage partner an animal or even a plant can become a person.

Marry a dog

When 9-year-old Indian girl Carnamoni Hands found an extra tooth, they were terribly alarmed: whether it is superimposed on them child witchcraft spell? Parents were worried not in vain. Such “glory” could further prevent the girl from finding a worthy husband. The local sorcerer whom the parents asked for help found a wonderful way out of the situation and offered to marry the girl to a dog. In this case, all evil spells will fall on the head of a rootless mutts, and the future human chosen one will get love and loyalty of the spouse.

A photo from open sources

Removing the curse in such an original way is very common in India. The last such case was registered 4 September 2014 18-year-old Mangli Munda married a homeless dog Cheru to successfully marry his beloved after a few months. The perfect solution to complex Problems. Learn, diplomats!

Marry a dog

You can not only marry a dog, but also marry her. IN 18-year-old Indian Selva Kumar killed a couple of mutts, after which the poor fellow broke paralysis. After 15 years of healing and torment, he turned to the astrologer, who saw a “dog curse” on him, which can only be removed by the atoning sacrifice – marry the dog. 33-year-old paralytic was ready for anything and on the same day took in legitimate wives the first cursed catcher. So if not if you want a similar fate – do not offend our smaller brothers!

Wooden wife

In the Indian state of Punjab, a strange custom forbids men enter into a third marriage. But it says nothing about the fourth! Therefore, twice a widower is combined with a third marriage with a tree, after why the fourth – with a sweetheart beloved. The logic here is clearly lame, because a man still enters into a third marriage, but according to to a tacit agreement everything is considered permissible.

Another custom does not allow a younger brother to start a family earlier senior. But if it so happened that the younger one had already met his constricted, but the eldest is not yet? In order not to break the happiness of the young, the senior picks a tree around the village and arranges a small wedding celebration. At night, relatives cut down a tree, and in the morning with mournful faces they tell the “newlywed” the mournful message: “Take heart! You are a widower. Your” wife “has passed away.” Then celebrate a noisy little brother’s wedding.

The husband is still that fruit!

Nepal people live in Nepal. They took over from neighboring India sati rite when a widow enters her husband’s funeral pyre. However, in reality, you don’t will see. At the age of 5-10, each girl marries Bel tree, considered one of the incarnations of the immortal god Vishnu. As a bridegroom at the ceremony, there is fruit with tree.

A photo from open sources

To the “groom”, as to a man, very high requirements: it must be healthy, without wormhole and rot, not overripe and not green. (Why is the girl too young or too an old candidate for a spouse, and even a patient?) This rite, called “theirs” does not in the least prevent the girl from marrying reaching marriageable age. But in case of death of the spouse to die the widow is optional with him: her second husband, Vishnu, is immortal! A widow can even remarry.

Once again, one cannot help but marvel at the wisdom of the people. All these cases are examples of very reasonable resolution of contradictions between religious customs and common sense for the good of the latter. Even the punishment of a dog killer carries a reasonable grain: eradication senseless cruelty.

Emerging in the West recently, a fashion for exotic marriage itself is absurd and meaningless.

Get married to a vacuum cleaner

Since 2003, Texas has officially permitted fruit marriages, vegetables, flowers and houseplants. And since 2004 in the state can be combined with garments, personal care products, household electrical appliances and personal vehicles (motorcycles, cars, boats). Within a month after taking relevant law more than 10,000 people married inanimate objects.

In Russia, of course, there are also people who love their car, motorcycle, cat or dog, give them affectionate names. But here marry with a vacuum cleaner, hamster or ficus, and see in this expression of freedom – we have not yet reached such a point. And hope that does not reach.

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