I came from a parallel world

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Many remember Brett Ratner’s film “The Family Man,” the protagonist which (performed by Nicholas Cage) suddenly wakes up in a world where he has a different job, a different house, other friends. Him even a family and children appeared, whom he had never seen before. Spaniard Lerin Garcia sadly says that no one understands the hero The movie is as good as she is. After all, the same thing happened to her.

Where I am?

On an early July morning in 2008, a 41-year-old Spanish woman woke up in his own and at the same time someone else’s bed: bedding was different colors. Lerin would not focus on this, but small inconsistencies literally climbed into her eyes: the pajamas are not the one in which she lay down, the cupboard is not quite in place, instead of the usual hours on the bedside table is some unfamiliar alarm clock. Some familiar things have disappeared altogether.

Further more. The company, thank God, was in its place and Lerin’s position was the same, only the department “moved” to another wing. Returning home, Lerin found in her kitchen a boyfriend with whom she broke up long ago. Man as if in nothing used to cook dinner for the two of them and acted as if heavy for both of them there was never a breakup.

It is not surprising that the woman began to have a tantrum. Urgently arrived the sister-caused Lerin. However, her arrival did not bring reassurance. Scar on sister’s shoulder – memory of the operation was absent: “What scar? From what operation?”, – was surprised sister. Lerin turned out to be not only not the present, but also not that past.

The woman went to the doctors, passed all possible tests for alcohol, drugs, drugs, but no trace the first, neither second nor third doctors in her body were not found. The psychiatrist tried to explain what happened as the body’s reaction to stress. “What stress ?! I was just wonderful! Work, friends, lover – and suddenly everything disappeared somewhere! ”

The hired detectives were looking for the man Lerin lived with. the last months before a strange incident. Woman hoped restore old relationships with your lover. Even if he forgot it or never knew, maybe love will break out again Alas, but in this parallel world her beloved did not exist. In his completely different people lived in the apartment, answered a phone call an unfamiliar male voice, his parents had completely different children.

I live in a parallel world

After 5 months, Lerin reconciled with the incident, stopped consider everything a stupid joke or conspiracy. She got acquainted with his “new past” and seven years trying to live in new realities.

“I really want to, but I no longer hope to return to my world. Not trying to convince anyone that my past life was not like that as they imagine. Much is familiar to me here, but still someone else’s. I just got used to what happened. I often think about mine double, that second Lerin Garcia, with whom we exchanged places. I hope she had the strength to bear all this horror and she, like me, gets used to an alien world. What else can we do? ”

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Parallel Worlds

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