I drank a glass of beer with my ear

People have come up with many unusual and very strange ways. liquid absorption, but drink a glass of beer through your ear, perhaps is one of the most complex and unusual.

The young woman accomplished an amazing feat that was filmed on video and posted on the page of the Czech Bera festival in Facebook social network. The video shows how a woman dressed in a green cardigan and scarf, sticks a straw into his left ear, while while her friends gather around her.

Photo from open sources

At the last moment, the girl decides that she should try drink beer with her right ear, she takes off his earrings and inserts into him a straw. The other end of the straw is placed in a plastic a glass of beer and the girl begins to suck the hoppy drink through an ear. The process of such an unusual absorption of a foamy drink took girls don’t have much time, she managed in just one minute and 53 seconds. Judging by the facial expressions of the girl, this method of quenching thirst didn’t give her any discomfort, she was very pretty happening. In the end, a glass of beer was drained and gathered around the crowd, with amazement watching what was happening, exploded applause. a Some of the video comments state what is falsification. Such commentators stress that beer disappears from view at some frames in the video. However no one still couldn’t explain how the trick was implemented, allowed to empty the beer glass.

In theory, due to the fact that the Eustachian tube connects the ear to pharynx, consume fluid through the ear is possible. However the hole in Eustachian tube is incredibly narrow, which casts doubt the veracity of this video. Due to the small width of the hole to drink so much fluid in such a short time is just impossible. In addition, substantial pressure is required so that all beer passed through the Eustachian tube. Experts also say that anyone who could do this would have to have significantly a larger hole in the eardrum than usual, or have no eardrum at all. Do not try to repeat this trick at home since the fluid is in Eustachian the tube may cause an ear infection and damage eardrum, up to hearing loss. Time

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