“I see a parallel world!”

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29-year-old resident of Anapa claims to speak 120 languages. And most of them she remembers from her previous lives. About a nurse from Anapa Natalia Beketova, who owns 120 languages, several years ago, many newspapers and magazines wrote, her filmed television. She later changed her name. Now she is called Tati Vela and lives somewhere in Finland. Her traces were lost. Alas, the Beketova-Vela phenomenon remained unknown. Amazing knowledge of an ordinary girl Literally from the first minutes of meeting with Natasha Beketova, I was shocked. Fact that before for some time this amazing girl had the ability diagnose human diseases. She’s not only in five minutes called all my sores, but also described in detail the eye surgery, which I suffered. Moreover, she determined the visual acuity of each eyes. And at that moment she was looking not at me, but inside yourself. I was not too lazy to go to the ophthalmological center, where I did the operation, and check the information received from Natasha. All confirmed to the smallest detail! After a year with a little, already at my place, she did a more detailed diagnosis of my condition spine, and my cousin Galina is a medic with a 40-year-old experience – recorded what Natasha quickly dictated to her. And here already sister came to be surprised. “Such knowledge is perplexed she said, – only an experienced manual can possess therapist! “Natasha graduated from medical school and special courses masseurs, but the knowledge and abilities that she demonstrated, go far beyond the course of this educational institution. it confirmed by video footage capturing the treatment session cancer patient with the help of Orthodox prayers. In that the moment when Natasha said prayers, a sign appeared next to her some white spherical object, which in the process of the session constantly changing shape. Moreover, its brightness periodically amplified or weakened. At that moment when the brightness intensified, from the bottom of the object appeared “sleeve” of purple the color that went from him to Natasha’s throat. I gave this videotape for expert examination. Conclusion: shooting genuine! Polyglot’s former lives Natasha herself spoke about myself the following: – When I was 10-14 years old, I could see human internal organs. Possessed the ability to produce telekinesis. Several times I have had cases of spontaneous levitation (soaring in the air. – M.R.). I could see parallel world … I remember myself very distinctly from two years old. From this I could freely reproduce ancient languages, think in these languages. I don’t feel the difference whether I think in Japanese, Russian, Chinese or some other language, I do not feel the border transition from one language to another … I know the languages ​​of that time and the country where it was in past lives. I can restore in memory their former lives, starting with the fifteenth century. Long before the professor-orientalist Tatyana Petrovna Grigoryeva met Natasha, I organized a meeting of the girl with Yuri P. – a professional translator who is fluent in German language. He knows the Old German language, which he speaks Beketova. I sat next to them and watched closely as they communicate. And all this was recorded on a camcorder. Videographer Yuri Sivirin saves this and many other recordings, made during experiments with Beketova. Later on the Julia TV show Menshova “To be continued …”, Natasha showed knowledge of the French language of the XIX century. But overall it’s stupid an organized show only compromised the girl. She was leaving for Anapa, as they say, in frustrated feelings. I witnessed Natalya’s communication with speakers of various languages. She is free answered questions posed to her in Japanese, Vietnamese and others languages. At my request, Natasha wrote the same phrase on seventy languages. Decoding of the text on the festival disc In my opinion insistence Natasha took up the decoding of the text applied to called fest disk, is an ancient artifact discovered archaeologists near the small town of Fest (Italy) and supposedly having attitude to the legendary Atlantis. Natasha for a relatively short the deadline carried out a detailed decoding of the spiral-shaped text and I was struck by the fact that she wrote over 200 pages! By her the statement, on one side of the text is encrypted information on a certain pyramid, and on another – on a crystal. With a translation made Beketova, the late researcher and translator familiarized himself ancient texts, by the way, spent a lot of time decoding namely the festal disk, Yuri Grigoryevich Yankin. He stated that the text of the translation of side “A” was more consistent with its version translation, and parties “B” – less. Nevertheless, Yuri Grigorievich regarded the work of Natalia Beketova as one of the translation options and recorded accordingly as a scientific discovery. But, to see if Natasha Beketova really has phenomenal abilities, you can conduct the following experiment: Natasha left me a detailed description of her three past lives. I propose to start with England, because in this country not well preserved only archives, nbi ancient ancient buildings. Check her out memories, in principle, are easy because she calls a lot temporary landmarks. I bring to your attention English autobiography of Natalia Beketova. “I was born on April 4, 1679 northwest of London in a place called Baxfield. Called me Annie Mary Kat (MacDowell’s surname). Such a complicated name I was given in honor of the saints on whose day I was born. My childhood passed in our family Earl Manor Buhauld, or, as my grandfather Henry MacDowell used to call this place, – Green valley. Buhauld was located near West Wales. Local residents spoke the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic dialect (it is not enough similar to London English dialect). The road to the estate curled ribbon, on both sides – a green carpet of lawn, then an alley of twelve mighty oaks opened, approaching directly to housework. The house was a two-story building. From the facade rose three stone columns. The house was very large. It had ten rooms, excluding the room of servants. We had three servants, one of the maids were called Susie Blackfood, the servant is Smith Richard Spiper, the name is still I don’t remember one servant. Immediately behind the house was equestrian the yard. We had twelve horses. My father’s name was james Wisler. Mom – Mary Magdal, Mom’s cousin – Jim Fox ler. From my father’s side, I only remember my father’s sibling, John, who left after the death of his father in France (Leon). I’m not him anymore I saw. My older brother’s name was Bruder Lincoln (26 years old). The other brother is Richard Edward George (14 years old). There was another sister Soulin. My parents died. I learned about their death in the Atlantic from her aunt Hellen (she lived south of London, there, apparently, was her estate, but I do not know what it is called). I was at that time four years. One night I woke up from the bright light from the window. I I saw a woman. That was my mom. She sang a song. Apparently this the vision arose at the time of her death or shortly thereafter. The priest who served in our church was called Richard. “Besides Moreover, Natasha reports that she and her relatives had to be visiting a nearby Washiroft manor. The host’s name was Jim, his wife – Sarah Magdala Sue, son – Lisley, daughter – Kat Mary. After death her parents were taken to India, where she lived a long life. In one from temples (or in a monastery) she worked on a book for more than half a century, using ancient Vedic sources. Returning to England, she brought this book, which she deposited with her cousin brother William Foxler. The binding of this rather thick book was from brown leather with metal fasteners. Natasha claims that the book can be found. Having lived to a very old age, Annie Mary Kat McDowell is dead. Her grave is near the estate. Our compatriot Larisa Melenchuk, who lives in London, found a town, in which Miss MacDowell was born and died – in today’s life Natalya Beketova!

Time Life Parallel Worlds

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