I used to be king. Children about past lives

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Once upon a time, back in the 90s, one of my good friend lamented that her four-year-old daughter is constantly telling her puppet tale of how many, many years ago she was boy, or rather, not even a boy, but an adult uncle and worked … king. At the same time, Nastya with such clarity and up to the smallest details reproduced the details of the palace in which lived, order, decoration and colorful ceremonies in which she and her relatives took part, visits of other rulers to her in a palace with petitions … And told so that it was difficult suspect her that she had overheard or seen all this somewhere on TV. And the TV in my friend’s family wasn’t It was. A terrible poverty reigned around … But Nastya demanded breakfast poached egg and blanmange, sprinkled with the names of famous nobles, complained that in Peterhof the fountain would not be fixed by the deadline (the family of my friends lived in a small village near Murmansk and about Peterhof fountains had never heard of). When Nastya was especially excited, she prophesied the imminent poor-sailor riot – a bloody and merciless and long, long war in which they die Russian soldiers … All this drove parents crazy. Generally, girlfriend and husband were scared seriously and decided to turn to child psychologist. And not somewhere in the region, but in Moscow itself. What was their surprise when the doctor said that such the “gene” or “reincarnation” memory of young children for her the biggest mystery. It occurs quite often, but the explanations does not have. It is not necessary to treat it, because, alas, growing up, the children are completely forget their childhood memories from the past … Many children sometimes there is a feeling that they lived at a different time and in a different location. Fragments of memories that do not come up manages to put in order. Is it about impressions that stored in memory throughout life? Or, as claimed some, this floats to the surface “experienced in another existence? “You yourself are probably familiar with stories when little children suddenly start talking on several foreign (including ancient, forgotten) languages ​​or tell about a country that has never been before, or about events that never happened to them, but to you understandable and familiar from historical films or books! If your the child imagines himself a prince or insists that he himself there are children, do not make hasty conclusions that this is a fairy tale or a game of imagination! Of course, this may be so, but please do not hurry up with conclusions! Perhaps your child is trying to tell you the story of your past life.

A life

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