Iceland is the only country where they do not live mosquitoes

Iceland is the only country where mosquitoes do not livePhoto from open sources

And although before the summer trips to the magnificent Iceland far away, you can recall the amazing phenomenon of this country already Now – there are no mosquitoes. Why? Nobody knows for sure.

A photo from open sources

There are no mosquitoes in Iceland or the Faroe Islands, although in neighboring countries, these small and numerous bloodsuckers feel yourself quite freely. What doesn’t let them into these “forbidden territory “? Some scientists argue that the blame for everything Oceanic climate of Iceland. But here’s what he thinks about it Entomologist Erling Olafsson:

All this is nonsense because the ocean climate observed in many countries where mosquitoes live quietly and multiply. And a harsh winter has nothing to do with it, in Russian Siberia even more terrible conditions, and mosquitoes – more than enough. I would suggested that the reason was the special chemical composition soil, and hence the water of Iceland. But, I emphasize, this again my opinion, which may well be wrong. Nonetheless, mosquitoes that could have been brought here even by the wind, for some reason not take root in Iceland. And that’s great!

A photo from open sources

And although the absence of mosquitoes in this country remains the greatest a natural mystery that scientists have not figured out, tourists very pleased with this state of affairs, since in Iceland and Faroe Islands can be traveled without fear of these small bloodsuckers, from which no modern means can help, in including tight clothes. Therefore, go hiking and relax here in tents is a pleasure, and the beauty of this region is simply is amazing. Beauty without mosquitoes! Like in the movies…

Iceland Climate

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