Icon beats heart beats

The heartbeats are heard in the iconA photo from open sources

NASA experts found an icon that depicts the image Of the Mother of God. The image not only has a pulse, its temperature equals 36.6 degrees, like a healthy living person. NASA experts claim that the icon is depicted in paints that have not yet been found on our planet. Scientists have explored the icon Mother of God of Guadeloupe, which according to local residents possessed unique properties. Sensational for scientists has become The result of an ophthalmological analysis of the eye image with the icon. Retina the eye of the Mother of God decreased as light approached and increased when the light was dimmed or distanced. In other words the eyes of the image reacted to light, like the eyes of a living person. The temperature of the canvas on which the image was depicted, corresponded to the normal temperature of a living human body, and was 36.6 degrees Celsius. It became even more incredible detection of the pulse icon. After listening to the image with a stethoscope, it turned out that the heartbeat of the icon is 115 beats per minute. Exactly the fetal heart beats in the womb. The study of paints with which depicted a “living” image, revealed another riddle. Composition of these paints are not known to modern science, it cannot be mineral, neither animal nor natural, and nothing similar not previously found on our Earth. With this icon already unusual cases occurred. So, at the beginning of the twentieth century in very close to the icon laid a bomb with a large radius of action. The explosion destroyed everything except the mysterious icons that remained completely intact. Scientists noted small “oddities” on the icon. The hands of the Virgin Mary were depicted in different shades – one was lighter than the other. According to assumptions scientists, this difference may mean unity between human by the races. The cross on the neck of the image may, according to scientists, be a symbol the inculturation of Christianity in the Aztec community. NASA Specialists continue to study the mysterious icon. It is known that St. Mary Guadeloupe is the most revered image in Latin America. The Catholic Church recognized this icon as miraculous. First The mention of this icon dates back to 1649. About the icon for the first time told contemporaries recordings of Luis Lasso de la Vega. According to The icon was painted in 1531 for these references. In honor of The Virgin of Guadalupe during this period in Mexico, a temple was built, where about 14 million believers still make pilgrimages in year.


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