If the sleeping person is looking at the camera, then with something wrong

If the sleeping person is looking at the camera, then something is wrong with him.A photo from open sources

Researchers of supernatural phenomena from canadian Supernatural Panopticon communities share with readers reference to curious material.

Specialists in the field of paranormalism say that stumbled on the vastness of the video hosting “YouTube” on the mysterious fresh video and immediately became interested in it. The author of this writes that he sleeps badly at night, so he decided to install in the matrimonial bedroom, a camera for observing yourself sleeping with a view to determine what interferes with his sound sleep. What got into the lens of the recording device surprised both him and the above experts. Perhaps it will surprise you.

Canadians report a very unusual fact, which, according to them, It was confirmed by numerous experiments. It consists in that if there is a camera with somnambulism in the room the person will not pay any attention to her, because in the state of sleepwalking, the brain invariably ignores such objects and knowledge of their presence does not interfere with him. Character however the video below, they say, behaves quite differently than a half-sleeping person should behave.

Man behaves very strange

The man suddenly catches himself at night, raises his head from the pillow and First of all, it looks into the camera lens. His eyes, glowing due to night mode give this picture more more sinister mysticism. Then the man suddenly shouts: “No! Wait! “, After which he turns to his sleeping wife and begins to smell her, it seems. Then he abruptly jumps up, trying to find something (or someone) near the bed and says: “Just stay.”

Then he screams something inaudible, pointing with his hand to the ceiling. At the end of the video, our hero jumps out of bed, crouches on the floor and looks into the darkness, as if he wants to see something low there, for example a pet. According to researchers, this person is not a sleepwalker, but the reason for his unusual nightly behavior can be much more intimidating. For example, he is obsessed with this moment by unclean forces …

Representatives of “Supernatural Panopticon” also pay attention the fact that in many places in the video strange artifacts are noticeable on man’s head. His face is also distorted, swam with noise, and at some moments it even takes on a non-human form …

Researchers turn to specialists, both in the field of of the human psyche, and in the realm of occultism, clarify if it’s possible what happens to the author of the video. And this he needs more than Internet users: a mysterious man obviously need to save …

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