Ikotnitsa. The phenomenon of two souls in one the body

Ikotnitsa. The phenomenon of life of two souls in one bodyPhoto from open sources

Mortgage was once widespread among Northern peoples of Russia. Some researchers claim that this form of sharing souls was characteristic of living in these places of the mystical people – white-eyed miracles.

Whether it is true or not, the iconics still exist here. it people who have the phenomenon of two souls in one body: their own and one more – hiccups. Theologians believe that this is one of the types obsession, like hobbies, but a similar soul-sharing gives a person the superpower of a medium who can create real miracles, especially regarding human health.

Here is a resident of the Perm Territory hiccup Anna Anna Chekileva, about which television even shot a video (see below), is known in the district as a great healer and healer. Pensioner Anna Chekileva is already eighty years old, before retirement age she was the most ordinary woman whom in Russia millions. But twenty years ago, the hiccups fell into it – the soul is so called Elizabeth Petrovna.

Anna Alexandrovna says that the local hiccups a sorceress treating a pensioner with home-made beer. Soon after that she felt that two entities began to live in her, and one of they began to call themselves Elizabeth Petrovna.

The pensioner even speaks in two voices, her own and her voice hiccups, which are very peculiar, are similar to how a person speaks not on exhalation, but on inspiration. But it was the hiccup that allowed the pensioner become a medium, since Elizaveta Petrovna can drive out human any disease, help find stolen or lost thing, reconcile spouses and much more. That’s what people are going for Today they go to Anna Chekileva’s hiccup, health issues. And the sorceress works real miracles. To her come not only from other villages, villages and cities of Perm Krai, even from Moscow, from abroad.

Huskies are evil and good

Unfortunately, hiccup Elizaveta Petrovna, having the opportunity to heal others, can do nothing for the mistress herself – Anna Chekileva, who has cancer, and therefore her days are practically numbered. After death, the hiccup, as she herself says, may leave Chekileva’s body and addicted to someone else, but she’s so tied to a pensioner that does not want to leave her and therefore decided to die with her together is truly a touching story!

In the end, we can only say that Anna Alexandrovna herself Chekileva regrets nothing, all these twenty years that she had to be a hiccup, allowed her to live richly and interestingly. It’s not rich in the sense of money; their pensioner practically doesn’t take their customers, but in the sense of the wealth of spiritual life. To this contributed to her healing activities, communication with her a hiccup, which, of course, is not quite a simple woman named Elizaveta Petrovna, but the essence is bright and kind. For example, she not everyone accepts and does not help everyone, evil and unkind people just drives away, so as not to waste in vain on them far from infinite forces.

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