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Mosconcert artist Valery Avdeev once spoke about his sensations while walking barefoot on hot coals, lying on broken glasses and other experiments on themselves. He noticed that not feels pain when holding his breath. But it costs him critical moment to take a few deep breaths as pain immediately returns and sharply worsens well-being. But why is this happening? Perhaps a clue of this phenomenon – in the research of the Novosibirsk scientist, candidate Medical Sciences K. Buteyko? And so the artist and scientist met in Novosibirsk. … Posters intrigue: “Psychological experiments. Know himself … “On the table is an ordinary compass, its black the arrow, as expected, points to the north. This is seen by all viewers: The enlarged image of the arrow is projected onto the big screen. Of the depths of the scene appears Valery Avdeev. His face is focused arms wide apart. With light finger movements, it’s as if sorting through the air something invisible to the public, but felt by him by ourselves. A minute passes, another – the arrow does not move, although the hands already close to her. But when Valery exhaled sharply, she suddenly deviated, obeying the wave of his hand. Assistant covers the compass with a glass cap, and the arrow anyway hesitates. Repeating the movements of the artist’s hands, she sways from side to side and finally starts to spin quickly. Academician Yu. Kobzarev who was present at one of these experiments noted: “Valery Avdeev can really affect magnetic compass needle, being at a distance of more than meter. Of course, this phenomenon must be studied. “Experience complicated. Avdeev tensed and froze over the compass. His face sweat, veins swelled in his arms, no breathing at all is heard. And suddenly, after a minute, the compass came to life: jerking several times, he began to smoothly move away from the artist. Moving centimeters to fifteen, stopped and began to spin slowly. And having done several revolutions, froze on the edge of the table. Hall applauds. And Valery unexpectedly offers: – Do you want, you yourself will now discover in yourself unknown ability? Remember how your favorite perfumes smell or cologne – and you will smell this smell on any subject. Spectator incredulously holds out Avdeev’s handkerchief, which is nothing does not smell, and timidly reports: “Riga lilac”. – You are welcome! – the artist says loudly. And the girl in amazement exclaims: – Oh, now it really smells! Neighbors take her scarf, bend over him – and authoritatively confirm: really the Riga Lilac. Can, perfume imperceptibly sprayed on him? No, in a minute the smell disappears as unexpectedly as it appeared. – And now you can demonstrate extraordinary physical abilities, says the artist to the audience and calls three volunteers from the audience. But first he asks them to enter a special state necessary for the experience. – Close your eyes, mentally focus on your feelings. When listening to your breath, try to reduce its depth. A Now imagine that you see your body … from the side. Here it pours heaviness, strains, becomes straight and strong, like a steel bridge … At that moment, the assistants pick up three volunteers in their arms and put each of them on the backs of chairs. Leaning only with necks and heels, they seem to hang in the air parallel to the floor. Isn’t it a miracle? And Valery calmly explains that in In this state, a person can withstand not only the severity of his body, but also three more people who would stand on it – this number once showed circus fakirs. – What is this amazing condition? – often ask the artist. – Already not whether hypnosis – because with its help you can cause catalepsy and inspire smells? – Not at all – having entered the desired state, people independently evoke the illusions of favorite smells. It’s easy to see that that volunteers are not hypnotized on their backs. You can talk to them – they will clearly answer any questions and with feeling humor talk about their unusual sensations. And under hypnosis it’s impossible. The doctors present in the hall agreed that this really not hypnosis. But then what? – The skill that each of us possesses, often without suspecting it, – explains V. Avdeev, – with bated breath and focusing on the image, cause various changes in your body. I call it the state of “imago” – from the Latin word “image”. Entering it, a person can open in to yourself amazing abilities. All the numbers on the stage I show only in this condition. “You are capable,” said one psychologist, “ remember the first time hundreds of words that are not interconnected by sense, and then repeat them in the same sequence in which said the audience, and even in the opposite. But how can this be done in the state of “imago” – thinking of your body? – I do not think, but simply I feel it every moment and perceive the world through the prism of these sensations. Our distant ancestors were able to do this, but most modern people have forgotten how to “listen” to their body. Only by learning to induce this state in myself, I was able to get rid from a serious illness and develop unusual abilities. Interested in the artist’s story, some viewers sitting in their armchairs, tried to do the exercises of imagotraining – closing eyes and holding my breath, listen to the heartbeat, feel like fingers flowing blood, reveal the warmest part of the body and the cold, to find a diseased organ – in a word, to feel ourselves. —And you know, ”a surprised female voice came from the hall,“ I have headache gone! – And my heart stopped tingling, – the old man answered. What is instant healing from ailments or temporary relief caused by auto-suggestion? Here opinion of Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko who attended the concert: – It doesn’t surprise me at all that in a state of “imago” reserve capacity of the body. Some artists of the original genres that perform similar experiences took place examinations in our laboratory in one of Novosibirsk institutes. It was found that by focusing on their sensations, listening to the work of organs, even a person unfamiliar with imagotraining, involuntarily holds his breath. And Valeria Avdeev, apparently, deliberately reduces its depth. But this is how our studies have shown, increases the concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood, causes reflex expansion of blood vessels, and hemoglobin begins to give oxygen better. Resulting body cells receive / hego several times more than in normal condition. This is probably why sick people in the “adult” state stop spasms of the vessels of the brain, heart and other organs. A healthy they feel an extraordinary surge of strength, they sharply increase mental and physical performance. For example, statistics shows that schoolchildren and students who have cured shallow breathing, significantly improve their academic performance. There is nothing mysterious and that in the state of “imago” Valery Avdeev is not feels pain lying on broken glasses or walking on hot coals. After all, he does this on holding his breath. And our research showed that large doses of carbon dioxide act on the body like laughing gas, which is used for pain relief. AND people practicing shallow breathing can sometimes be surgical transfer operations without anesthesia – some of my convinced students. By the way, many exercises of Indian yogis, elements autogenous training also reduce the depth of breathing, increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood – in this, in my opinion, the main the reason for their healing effect. Remember how obeying mental orders, hand and foot heat begins to flow, they are filled with pleasant heaviness – it reflexively expanded and blood vessels were filled. But the blissful state will quickly disappear if you take a few deep breaths. And in a condition “imago” the healing effect of shallow breathing apparently amplified by auto-suggestion: focusing on a diseased organ, a person is able to cause a sharp expansion of blood vessels and activation of hemoglobin. Probably in experiments with the compass Valery Avdeev deliberately causes a rush of blood to the hands – this significantly increases the number of charged particles on the fingers can build up electrical potentials which and affect the arrow. However, it should be emphasized that specifically We did not investigate Valery Avdeev, and everything said about him can be take only as an assumption. In my opinion, it would be very useful to comprehensively study the method developed by him. Such the same opinion is held by the corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, laureate Lenin Prize Nikolai Alekseevich Zheltukhin: – Specialists of a number units of the Siberian branch of the Academy of Sciences and the Siberian branches of the Academy of Medical Sciences consider it appropriate organize an in-depth study demonstrated by Valery Avdeev phenomena. He came to us at the invitation of the House of Scientists and besides concert activity met with employees of institutes Akademgorodok answered numerous questions. By all accounts of great interest are studies subjectively state of “altered consciousness” recorded by the experimenter (“imago”), significantly changing the physiological and psychological body and personality capabilities.

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